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This Spa Bath In Japan Is Filled With Your Favorite Beverages


There are days when you just want to relax and take a sip of your favorite drink. And there are days when you look at your beverage and wish you can actually swim there.

Well, thanks to this spa resort in Japan, this has already become a reality.

This hot spring located at Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Spa in Japan is the awesome alternative to your usual, boring spa. What sets it apart from others, you ask? As mentioned above, this place offers spa baths, or onsens, filled with your favorite beverages.

Yunessun Spa and Resort’s spa baths are available in popular beverages such as green tea.

spa bath filled with popular beverages japan 1

It’s really amazing and unique! So if you’re headed to the Land of the Rising Sun soon – or if you reside nearby – then you might want to go and check this out.

Other options include red wine, sake, coffee, and more.

spa bath filled with popular beverages japan 2

The spa baths are available in coffee, green tea, red wine, sake, and others. Each one offers its own distinct detoxing benefit. For example, the coffee bath helps decrease cellulite. Meanwhile, the red wine provides skin protection with antioxidants and the green tea bath is designed to help you have younger-looking skin.

Watch this short video feature and see for yourself:

Looks fun, right? Now you can unwind and pamper yourself while enjoying your drink of choice. Just try not to sip it, okay? Because that would be gross.

Facebook commenters were quick to share their thoughts about this unique Japanese attraction.

Tammy August wrote:

“I’ve been here several times with my children and this place is so much fun. My favorites were the red wine bath and the sake bath. The bathes are not straight wine, sake, etc. The water is clean and is always refilling. We loved going during the winter when it was snowing and we would be sitting outside in the bathes with the snow falling….beautiful.”

Ellanie Pujalte Montebon added:

“Its healthy guys… Just like milk bath. Japanese public bath were really awesome. They also put herbs and other minerals that works great on your skin.. That’s why Japanese people looks younger than their actual age.”

Jordin Via, on the other hand, hilariously said:

“I got a little concerned when it said swim in your favorite beverage. Cause I dont think it’s good for alot of people to be bathing in Mountain Dew.”

Would you try Japan’s beverage spa bath? Hit us up in the comment section!

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