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Beekeepers Shut Down Vegan Diet Hypocrisy With Honey Facts





Vegans have been trying to find a way to avoid all types of animal products, so much so that they have swapped out honey for agave syrup. Needless to say, some people are not happy with vegans’ decision not to eat honey. Beekeepers even took to social media to share some facts about how eating honey is important in the survival of bees.

It all started when someone addressed the vegans of Tumblr and informed them about the consequences of eating agave. The Tumblr user revealed that the massive harvest of agave actually affects the Mexican Long-nosed bat, which feeds on the nectar. From there, they urged vegans to keep eating honey. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for beekeepers to post some interesting bee facts.

Beekeepers insist that eating honey is actually good for the bees.

The Tumblr post that started it all.

One beekeeper pointed out that the idea that “vegans won’t eat honey is very silly.” They then explained how their methods are perfectly safe for bees.

“Harvesting honey does not hurt bees. The invention of modern moveable-frame hives means we can remove a selected frame, extract the honey and return it without killing a single bee.”

“We take *excess* honey that they don’t need, and it stops the hive from becoming honey-bound, meaning that there’s so much honey the Queen has nowhere to lay eggs.”

With that out of the way, other beekeepers dropped a major bombshell: vegan diet is actually dependent on bees. After all, the little insects are responsible for pollinating fruits and vegetables that vegans consume.

Agave is actually almost pure fructose, which makes it an unhealthy option for vegans.

The other posts also pointed out that agave is high in fructose, which makes it just as unhealthy as high fructose corn syrup. On the other hand, honey has several health benefits and its production is actually helpful for bees.

What do you think of this discussion? Are the beekeepers right about consuming honey? Should vegans continue using agave instead? Let us know in the comments below.

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