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This Special Bee from the Himalayas Prove that Psychedelic Honey Exists

Mad honey? Now that’s a different kind of trip!

Sometimes nature can really trip us in the strangest ways possible. Take this psychedelic honey-producing bee, for one.

The Himalayan cliff bee (Apis dorsata laboriosa), which dwells deep in the caves of the Himalayas, is the largest known bee in the world. However, that feat isn’t the only remarkable thing about this bee, apparently. Since the Himalayan cliff bee produces its honey from rhododendron flowers which are known to be toxic to humans, the resulting honey has hallucinogenic properties.

Called by locals as mad honey, the hallucinogenic honey supposedly has numerous health benefits; however, if consumed in large doses, it could induce vomiting, nausea, muscle weakness, and cardiac issues. Despite its risky nature, the honey is still being sought out by the locals.

Watch this short documentary and discover the story behind this rare honey and the reasons why it is sought after in spite of its dangerous properties:

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Mad honey? Now that’s a different trip!


These People Hate Cats. Watch their Reactions When They Met Kittens For The First Time!

They hoped these people would change their minds about cats.


Are you a cat person? What do you think of that gentle, agile animal with sharp fangs and claws?

Personally, I don’t like them; I’m more of a dog person.
For me, cats seem cunning. They’re silent and sweet, but sometimes I fear that they’ll turn on me with those claws and hurt me. Of course, I know I’m wrong, otherwise there won’t be any cat-lovers out there. With that, though, I must say that I somehow understand these people’s reactions when they were asked to “meet” these kittens.

Buzzfeed conducted an experiment to see if these people's perception of the feline would change if they have a brief moment alone with cute kittens. Who could resist innocent and gentle babies, right? Even if they’re baby versions of an animal you dislike? ...

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Couple Document Their Adorable Puppy’s Insane Growth in Just 8 Months

That’s a pretty enormous pooch!

Pretty much like proud parents, couple Alex Dennison and Ashley Lewis thought it would be cool to document their dog’s growth by taking monthly photos. They weren’t ready for what was to come out of it, however, as the said photos eventually went viral online.

Nasra, their beloved pet, was merely eight weeks old when the couple brought her home from Khayem German Shepherds breeders in Penright, NSW, Australia. After eight months, the dog has grown much bigger than they ever expected.

Nasra the German Shepherd when she was merely a pup of 8 weeks old.

nasra-german-shepherd-viral-photo 1...

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Touching Moment Bulls Tried to Save Fallen Comrade Hit By a Car

Heartbreaking scene in a busy street.


A herd of cattle was spotted surrounding the body of a black bull hit in a vehicular accident on a main road in Ma On Shan in Hong Kong.

According to reports, the herd was crossing the road when a four-wheel drive vehicle hit the bull at around 7:35 am on Tuesday, November 3.

Because of the collision, the bull fell on its side spilling blood and suffered a broken front right leg....

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