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This Special Bee from the Himalayas Prove that Psychedelic Honey Exists





Sometimes nature can really trip us in the strangest ways possible. Take this psychedelic honey-producing bee, for one.

The Himalayan cliff bee (Apis dorsata laboriosa), which dwells deep in the caves of the Himalayas, is the largest known bee in the world. However, that feat isn’t the only remarkable thing about this bee, apparently. Since the Himalayan cliff bee produces its honey from rhododendron flowers which are known to be toxic to humans, the resulting honey has hallucinogenic properties.

Called by locals as mad honey, the hallucinogenic honey supposedly has numerous health benefits; however, if consumed in large doses, it could induce vomiting, nausea, muscle weakness, and cardiac issues. Despite its risky nature, the honey is still being sought out by the locals.

Watch this short documentary and discover the story behind this rare honey and the reasons why it is sought after in spite of its dangerous properties:

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Mad honey? Now that’s a different trip!

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