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11 Beauty Secrets That You Probably Didn’t Know

Looking flawlessly beautiful shouldn’t be a tough job with these simple beauty tips.

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Looking at how the aging Hollywood stars like Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Madonna, and among others manage to look young and flawless, you probably want to know their secrets on how they care for their skin. A weekly trip to the dermatologist to get some Botox might be your first guess, but there are actually simple and cheap strategies to look ageless as these stars.

A healthy diet and a regular exercise program are already a given, but there are more ways that you can follow to achieve flawless beauty. Here are some of secrets you probably don’t know are the most effective ways to age gracefully and look younger than your current age.

Regular Use Of Sunscreen

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Never ignore the power of sunscreen lotions and creams. Everyone knows that one of the top destroyer of our skin is the extreme heat of the sun. You might think that too much exposure to the sun is the only time you will get darker and destroy your skin’s health, but you are absolutely wrong. We are no longer in the era where the ozone layer is still thick enough to block harmful sun rays, so even a short period of exposure can already damage the skin. Sunscreen protects your skin and keeps it healthy. Be sure to use lotion with an SPF of at least 30.

Never Over Dry Your Skin

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Acnes are our worst enemy. We usually use various products to dry them immediately, but what we don’t know is that these anti-spot creams or other erasing and drying products are harmful to our skin. They contain benzoyl peroxide, which can dry the skin, aggravate it and inflame it even more. Experts then recommend the use of lactic or salicylic masks instead.

Don’t Miss Out Your Neck

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We often focus on the health of our face but neglect to care for our neck. The neck actually has an extremely thin skin so if you want to fake your age then do not leave out your neck.

An Ice Cube For More Flawless Skin

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Dr. Ava Shamban, a dermatologist out of Santa Monica, advises using an ice cube to avoid dull complexion. According to her, rubbing ice cube for a few seconds on the face will stimulate the circulation of blood on the face, which can help your skin have a healthy glow.

Proper Storage For Beauty Products And Accessories

While most people usually store their facial products and accessories in the bathroom, Dr. Debra Jaliman says this is not the right way to do it. According to her, the humidity that accumulates inside the bathroom will cause the products to expire quicker than its indicated expiry date. She advises to store your creams and accessories in the fridge instead.

Clean Everything You Use On Your Skin

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Another expert advises a thorough cleaning of any object you use on your face. This includes your hands, of course. Pillowcases should be changed at least once a week, but if you have an oily face, change them every three days. Your brushes should of course be cleaned to.

Stop Using Scrubs and Sponges

Skincare specialist Christie Kidd says people prone to acne should stop using scrubs and sponges. When you use these items, they actually irritate the skin and can cause more inflammation. Try using a water-and-aspirin paste if you are susceptible to acne.

Look Younger With Facial Massages

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Bags and dark circles under the eye are the ultimate young-look destroyer. To get rid of these effectively, experts recommend getting a lymph drainage massage. This kind of massage will stimulate the lymph flow and will smoothen the skin. As a result the bags will disappear.

Hand Care

The skin on your hands is as thin as the skin on your face and neck. So if you are doing household chores like washing the dishes or doing the laundry, try using gloves.

Moisturizing your hands with natural, organic cream will also be helpful. Clean them regularly too as you use your hands way to often to touch your face.

Clean Your Face Before Going To Bed

This is not new to you. Experts always warn women to wipe off their make up before going to bed. Make up can block pores, which can cause inflammation so be sure to wash your face with water or use natural make up remover products.

Take Off That Bra

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Wearing bra even when sleeping will cut the blood circulation and will cause the skin to become irritated and later, you will soon notice that the skin under the straps are already darkened.

Natural beauty isn’t actually difficult to achieve. If you just observe all these beauty tips and practice them faithfully, you will get the skin results you desire and achieve the youthful glow that you always wanted.

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