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Bartender Shows a Brilliant Way to Sneak Alcohol into a Cruise Ship.





If you are planning to spend your vacation in a cruise ship, expect that they will not allow you to bring any kind of alcohol on board. In this way, you will be compelled to buy it from them. Unfortunately, the prices are too high. That is why they basically make big profit on alcohol sales.

Fortunately, there is a brilliant way of sneaking the alcohol inside the cruise ship undetectable. The technique is just simple. You don’t need to become a skilled barista or bartender in order to do it.

The video below will show how you can sneak a vodka on board a cruise ship. You only need a bottle of Listerine brand mouthwash and food coloring. The result is an alcoholic mixture that looks exactly like the color of the mouthwash. What a clever trick!

Watch the Awesome Trick:

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If you want to enjoy your vacation in a cruise ship without spending so much money on alcohol, try this simple trick!

Do you have other ways? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this cool idea to your family and friends, they will certainly love it!

Credits: SFGlobe

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