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Obama Forgot to Salute a Marine. But What He Did Next Was Truly Humbling!





President Obama forgot to salute back a marine when he boarded a helicopter. No one knew if he really forget to salute back, or he just ignored him on purpose. Nonetheless, the video showed that he apparently just ignored the marine.

It is a longstanding tradition that members of the military are required to salute the president as a sign of respect. And the practice of presidents returning that salute has just started during the time of Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Majority of Americans feel discomfort about President Obama having no military experience. And this incident flared that fact which is not good for his image.

However, when President Obama realized his mistake. He immediately, shamefully jogged back down the helicopter towards the marine to shake his hands. Whatever he said to the marine, it was totally a heartwarming gesture of showing respect to a soldier as his commander-in-chief.

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