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A Barista In Taiwan Makes Realistic 3D Cockroach Latte Art

Would you like a cockroach on that coffee, sir?

Mark Lester Celozar





Coffee foam design is one of the staple gimmicks on most coffee shops around the world. Some barista fancy simple shapes, while others try to create pop-culture icons. However, a coffee shop in Taiwan went viral because of its barista’s odd foam design choice for their coffee.

My Cofi is being run by its barista Chang Kuei Fang for 14 years already. Her coffee shop caught the attention of the world after sharing images of their coffee designs like cockroaches and centipedes.

Fret not though, because this creepy cockroach is only made from delicious chocolate and foam.

You can even make a request by giving her a picture of the design you want.

Chang is very talented and can make any designs. However, insect design is the most popular request among coffee drinkers.

She can practically design anything!

Chang said that people from miles away visit her shop just for her popular cup of 3D java art.

The designs are so stunning it’d even make you feel bad for drinking the coffee.

According to Chang, each design takes roughly around 15 minutes to make.

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Chang stated that her cockroach design was the reason why her coffee shop suddenly spiked in popularity. It’s crazy how this creepy thing piqued the interest of the many. Nevertheless, the fact that it brought her under the spotlight is amazing by itself. Right now, many people visit her coffee shop just to get a drink that has her popular cockroach design. Chang even shared one of her funny experience dealing with her insect-loving customers:

Once, a group of 10 people came to my shop and ordered 10 cups of cockroach coffee, it was because their boss was scared of cockroaches and they wanted to laugh about it.

Chang also expressed her desire to take on more and more difficult designs in the future. Amazing isn’t it?

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Photographer Creates Stunning Tiny Worlds Using Mini Figurines and Everyday Items

Seriously, #4 is all you need to make your day.




Photography isn’t just about taking pictures and whatnot. There’s a lot to it that common people like us rarely see. Last time, we covered about the Nikon Small World Photomicrography competition, which features the beauty of the world from a smaller perspective. This goes to show that this art is all about details - and yes, even the smallest ones.

In this article, we’re going to feature the same photographic concept but on a much different approach. This is courtesy of Péter Csákvári, who is actually known for his macro shots. In fact, he calls his project Tiny Wasteland, which basically sums up the entire series.

So, without further ado, here are some of his works. You’re definitely going to love them!

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Japanese Artists Turn Rice Straw Into Awesome Gigantic Animals After Harvesting

These giant animals are badass!

Mark Andrew



After a bountiful harvest, what do you do with leftover rice straw? You dispose them right away, yes? Well, if you are in Japan, that’s not the correct response. You actually re-purpose and transform them into giant animals!

According to recent reports, rice harvesting season recently happened in Northern Japan and they created a unique event to celebrate it. Called the Wara Art Festival, the said event was started back in 2008 at Niigata, a city in Northern Japan.

Giant animals made of straw!

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40 of the Creepiest Halloween Makeup Ideas Ever

Dang! #7 looks perfectly terrifying af!




There’s no doubt that Halloween is the spookiest night of the year. Legend says that it’s when spirits wander the earth freely. In some areas across the world, this also the time when people remember their departed loved ones. But perhaps the most popular thing to do is trick-or-treating, an activity that kids love to do during this time.

Interestingly, Halloween is deemed a three-day Catholic holiday where saints and the recently deceased are honored. During the start of the 11th century, the pope decreed it to last from October 31 to November 2. This was believed to be the timeline when Samhain was celebrated while the church tried to convert all pagans.

As Halloween draws near, people are trying to share all sorts of stuff relating to the celebration. There are those who are starting to think about their costumes, while others are now planning their go-to makeup. Speaking of the latter, some are already sharing their creepiest makeup ideas online. And believe it or not, their works are quite astonishing that they look terrifyingly cool!

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