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Chemically-Engineered Food Products That Are Banned in Different Countries





We all love to eat. Sometimes, many of us are even guilty of disregarding the ingredients of the food we consume – as long as it satisfies our bellies.

But did you know that because of the competitive market we have today, a lot of food manufacturers are neglecting the importance of people’s health? Many of these companies are merely after the profit and will not care whether they can be potentially harmful to consumers or no.

That’s why it is really essential to take a look on the ingredients of the food products before consuming or purchasing it in the first place. You can check out the entry below and get a glimpse of dangerous chemically-engineered food products that are already banned in several countries across the world.

#1. Carrageenan


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Uses: Stabilizers for non-dairy milk (baby’s milk)
Potential health risks: Gastrointestinal inflammation and cancerous lesions
Currently banned in: European countries

#2. Ractopamine


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Uses: Asthma medication mixed in cattle’s and pig’s feeds to make tender meat
Potential health risks: Weight gain, insomnia, tremors, increased heart rate, headaches
Currently banned in: China, Russia and European countries

#3. Olestra

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Uses: Fat substitute found in fat-free chips
Potential health risks: Vitamin depletion and anal leakage
Currently banned in: Canada and U.K.

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