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Banker Finds Out His Wife Has Been Cheating For 10 Years, Posts This On Facebook

It will make you rethink about your goals and choices in life! Truly a heart-melting, worthwhile read!

Inah Garcia





How do you define success? Most people think achieving success is about working so hard and earning lots of money so that in the end, they could buy all the things they want and have a grand and comfortable life. One man believes this and the result? His wife cheated on him and he only found out after 10 years!

You may think that he loathed his wife instantly but no, that’s not the case. In his Facebook page, he posted a lengthy (but really worthwhile) explanation as to how it happened and what he thinks about his whole situation. It will move you and stir your mind to think about what truly matters in life. Please take time to read. We promise, it’s worth your time.



Source: Faithit

We constantly chase our dreams and focus on the destination, rather than the journey. This story reminds us that we only have one life to live. We must make every second count. Because in the end all our efforts will amount to nothing if the people we love and worked hard for in the first place are already gone.

We are not saying ditch your job and live in the moment carelessly. The key is balance. While it is important to have our stable source of income, it is also essential for us to make time and never lose our identity and passion.

So go and live your life in the best way you know how. Bear in mind that life is short, make yours count and keep your family intact in the process.

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7 Foods the World’s Oldest People Eat

…and you’ll be surprised bacon, alcohol and cigars actually make the list!

Dondi Tiples



As healthcare and cures for previously incurable diseases continue to improve, longevity isn't much of an issue as it once was.

There are more older people today than there previously were a century ago, and the list continues to grow as medical breakthroughs and even senior care progress through the years.

So its surprising enough that some super-centenarians count this list of foods as partly responsible for their long and interesting lives:

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Cop Thinks No One’s Looking, But Now His Selfless Gesture For Homeless Man Went Viral

A local police officer helps a homeless man, someone snaps a photo and the post goes viral on the internet.

Kat Lozada



It is the littlest of gestures that count the most. And more often than not, these gestures are those that are unexpected and come from the heart. Media outfit Love What Matters recently posted about an incident that occurred in a McDonalds store in Morrison, Illinois. A local police officer dropped off a homeless man at the fastfood joint, telling him it was a good place to keep himself warm.

Sgt. George Depuy drops off a homeless man at a MccDonalds joint an gives him money for food.

Sgt. George Depuy drops off a homeless man at a MccDonalds joint an gives him money for food.

Alex Fischbach observed what had happened and submitted the photo and story to Love What Matters. According to Fischbach, the local cop then insisted that the homeless man take his money and order food for him to eat. In the post, Fischbach mentioned, "He wasn't looking for any recognition, or any form of gratitude. He did it purely out of the kindness of his heart."

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Watch How People React to Veteran Who Can’t Pay For His Food in this Social Experiment

Will you have the guts to step in and help out in this incident or would just turn a blind eye? This is indeed a powerful social experiment…

Kris Evangelista



What would you do if you witness a veteran couldn’t afford buying a food for himself and his baby? Will you intervene and help out or pay no attention?

We all have bad days, this kind of incident happens in real life. Some people will lend a hand, others will get disappointed at you and some will pay no heed.

What’s great is, through this kind of happening we see that the there are still so many generous and concerned people who are willing to share their goodness to those in need.

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