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How to Seal A Bag of Chips Even Without Using A Clip

This is a great trick for all you chip lovers out there.

Mark Andrew





Partying or watching a movie with friends is always the perfect excuse to open up several bags of chips.

Unfortunately though, opened bags have the tendency to go stale in a short period of time. That’s why you need to munch as much as you can and finish them right away. If you really couldn’t eat all of the chips, your choice would be to search your drawers for a clip so you can seal the pack and retain the snack’s freshness.

Or you probably wouldn’t have to. This short video from SF Globe shows us a quick trick of sealing a bag of chips even without using a clothespin or a chip-clip. It’s really simple I couldn’t believe this is the first time I’m hearing about it.

With this practical tip, you wouldn’t have to throw away those unfinished bag of chips.

Watch this and find out how it’s done:

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So far, this video has been viewed more than 2 million times and has drawn a lot of reactions from netizens.

YouTube commenter bonnyjishop pointed out:

The idea is great as a temporary fix but will never be airtight So enjoy those Chips while still fresh , Better still DON’T buy such a big pack (you greedy pig) 🙂

SF Globe responded to this and said:

That’s very true! This trick does stave off staleness for a while though. Even though the seal isn’t airtight, the entryway is restricted which gives moisture time to condense on the bag as opposed to the chips, which slows the process that makes chips stale! That being said, a smaller bag would also be a great solution… but I always feel like I can eat the big one when I’m at the store!

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Home & DIY

Girl Boils Down Toothbrushes And Comes Up With Surprisingly Fancy Results. A Definite Must-Try!

I never knew boiled toothbrushes could make great accessories!

Inah Garcia



Old toothbrushes have nowhere to go but down the trash. As time pass, these teeth cleaners lose the integrity it once had so it is better to throw them away.

But do you know that you can make something bright, colorful and super fancy with these toothbrushes? In this video we found, YouTube user Katrina Sherwood shares how to make colorful acrylic bracelets from toothbrushes. It is very easy to make and requires very minimal materials.

You will surely want to consider this on your next DIY project. Here is the video tutorial:

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Home & DIY

Five Low Cost yet Gorgeous and Unconventional Houses

Looking for an inspiration for your dream house? Check this out.

Kris Evangelista



Houses are one of the most expensive things to buy and paying mortgage monthly is an important yet heavy accountability. Houses have high costs but a valuable investment.

The most beautiful and modern houses are very expensive. A person must have a stable job and a good income to be able to afford a very gorgeous house, located in a very modern city.

However, there are many ways to beautify an old house or perhaps a bus and make it a home.

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These Self-Defense Tips From a Driver-Slash-Bodyguard Can Save Lives!

You’ll never know when these self-defense tips will come handy!




News about ill-willed hoodlums who disguise themselves as cab drivers, and who rob, rape, or maul their passengers is not something that will shock us. Most of these hooligans strike during the wee hours of the morning - but more imprudent ones charge regardless of the time of the day. Often, they choose women as their victims, probably because they believe that subduing and overpowering women is like a walk in the park, in comparison to men, of course. Just imagine trying to rob Dwayne Johnson. Phew.

But, lucky for us average citizens who might become targets of these thugs' maleficent activities, a driver-slash-bodyguard disguised as an Uber car driver gave valuable tips about self-defense. These tips, when applied correctly and with proper timing, may just be what we need to kick those thugs' butts.

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