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Babysitter Explains Why She Never Accepts Children That Are Already Asleep





An effective babysitter can usually do anything from calming children down or simply keeping them entertained. However, one daycare worker has revealed that they will never agree to watch kids that are already asleep. The reason behind it is completely heartbreaking and is a must-read for all parents.

Imgur user Twatermellon recently shared an interesting story about why a former babysitter has chosen not to work in childcare anymore. The post offers details from an incident where a sleeping baby was dropped off at daycare but the workers refused to accept the child. As it turns out, it was a lucky call for all of them.

Source: Imgur

The post initially reveals that the daycare has a policy about sleeping children. It’s understandable why parents would be unhappy about their child being forced to wake up because of the rule.

Waking a sleeping child might not be a welcome idea yet the post continues by sharing a heartbreaking ordeal involving a baby.

Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

Although we’re glad this particular incident didn’t end in tragedy, the babysitter adds that this isn’t usually the case. In addition to putting children at risk, it could go badly for the ones watching the kids.

Source: Imgur

It’s a heartbreaking thought that made the babysitter become more strict with the children they accept. The story concludes on a sad note confirming why they have decided to stay away from childcare.

Source: Imgur

It’s tragic to know that a babysitter has decided to quit their job because of how other people treat their children. However, there is a silver lining in the story. More people became aware of the dangers of leaving their child to sleep. Hopefully, this would mean that children will be treated properly and get the best care they deserve.

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