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Awesome Photos of Baby Turned Into “Elf on the Shelf” Will Melt Your Heart.

Check – out these awesome photos and be fascinated! Creativeness will make a wonderful experience for kids this Christmas time!


The Elf on the Shelf is a popular book for children. It’s about Santa’s elves that visit houses during Christmas season. The scout elves observe the children secretly whether they act pleasantly or if they misbehave.

Some families practice this every Christmas period. Elf on the Shelf requires imagination and creativity to be able to convince little children to participate. Many children love this tradition because they are able to put their imagination in to reality. This is exactly what Alan Lawrence did; he is the father of a four month old baby named Rockwell.

He creatively transformed his son to an elf on the shelf and took cute and awesome photos each day.

“ Elf On The Shelf” 1st day visit and he stayed in Lawrence’s family room.

Baby-Turned- Elf-on-Shelf-1

Photo credit: That Dad Blog
He likes pancakes but he loves syrup more!


Photo credit: That Dad Blog
Endearing elf sharing his funny side.


Photo credit: That Dad Blog
Rockwell the elf wrapped gifts for Christmas.


Photo credit: That Dad Blog

Children can tell him their wishes. Is this included in their wish list?

Charming Rockwell was caught putting cookies inside the VCR. Uh-oh!


Photo credit: That Dad Blog
Rockwell the elf does a little driving using his red hot car!


Photo credit: That Dad Blog

And then he met two gorgeous Barbies!

“The Elf On The Shelf” first dinner at the Lawrence’s home.


Photo credit: That Dad Blog
Rockwell the awesome elf is getting all creative and resourceful.


Photo credit: That Dad Blog

Decorating the Christmas tree is such a fun thing to do!

He definitely loves sweets!


Photo credit: That Dad Blog

And that’s how he reports to Santa. Children, be extra nice to your scout elves.

When everybody is asleep, he plays games!


Photo credit: That Dad Blog
He keeps an eye on everyone.


Photo credit: That Dad Blog
Rockwell the elf loves taking selfies!


Photo credit: That Dad Blog

This baby is really adorable! Would you make your own version of “The Elf On The Shelf” this Christmas season?

Remember, be creative!

H/T: Lifebuzz, That Dad Blog


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