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She is Getting Ready To Take A ‘Selfie’ Until Her Boyfriend Does The Unexpected.





Taking a ‘selfie’ is a new trend nowadays while wedding proposals never go out of style. We might think that both don’t go well together but this man takes everything to a unique and more romantic level. He pulled off a successful ‘selfie proposal’ quite nicely and gave her future bride the sweetest surprise.

This woman in the video and her boyfriend were trying to take a ‘selfie’ or so she thought. She was smiling for the camera when the unexpected happen. Her boyfriend suddenly went down on his knees with a ring and asked,

‘Lisa, will you marry me?’ She was lost for words at first, confused and overwhelmed.

‘Oh my God! Are you serious?’ she managed to say while her boyfriend was convincing her that everything was indeed real.

When it finally hit her, she was crying with tears of joy. She then answered the question with a ‘big yes’ and they sealed it with a kiss. Sweet!

Watch the epic wedding proposal:

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So by now I figured it out, next time your boyfriend asks if you’re ready before taking a ‘selfie’ make sure you are, especially if he meant, ‘Are you ready to marry me?’

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