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Astrobiologist Cooking In Antarctica Makes Food Look Like Art





Living in Antarctica sounds like a great gig but an astrobiologist is proving that it might be a little too cool. The awesome scientist decided to show off what it’s like to cook in freezing temperatures. Not surprisingly, the result looks like gravity-defying frozen food art.

Cyprien Verseux is an astrobiologist working at Concordia Station, the most remote scientific base in the world. The glaciologist is usually hard at work doing research. However, he also maintains a blog during his free time. In addition to that, Verseux decided to share his experiences with cooking in Antarctica.

The astrobiologist showed off what eating noodles in Antarctica is like.

Verseux began posting the images on Twitter as a way to pass the time. However, the astrobiologist also wanted to show people of the effects the temperature had on food.

It certainly looks hilarious and gravity-defying. However, freezing food is no laughing matter for the scientists at Concordia Station.

“We run out of fresh food early in the winter (as we have no resupply from early February to early November), so we eat mostly frozen food: given that the temperatures never are in the positive, we just store it in containers outside,” Verseux explained.

Imagine cracking an egg and it just stops before hitting the pan.

The astrobiologist confirms that living in Antarctica is pretty difficult. Verseux admitted that the team sometimes feels like they are in a completely different planet.

“It is the coldest area on Earth, with temperatures reaching below -80°C in winter. We saw the Sun again in August after 3 months without it ever passing the horizon. The air is extremely dry and poor in oxygen.”

Although it isn’t an easy environment to work in, Verseux and his team soldier on in an effort to see how the climate has changed in the past. They are also hoping to find get an insight into possible changes in the future.

The noodle challenge.

Even raclette isn’t safe.

Now they’re just showing off.

Salt and pepper might not fix these eggs.

Even Nutella is powerless against the cold.

Follow Verseux on Twitter @CyprienVerseux for more awesome photos.

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