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Mysterious Hole the Size of Maine Opens in Antarctica’s Winter Sea Ice Cover

This is the first time since the 1970s that a hole of this magnitude has been discovered.


Researchers have discovered a mysterious hole as big as the state of Maine in Antarctica’s winter sea ice cover. The team of researchers, comprised of experts from the University of Toronto and the Southern Ocean Carbon and Climate Observations and Modeling (SOCCOM) project, was monitoring the area with satellite technology when they spotted the large opening.

The hole is also known as a polynya. It is about 30,000 square miles at its largest, which makes it the biggest polynya observed in Antarctica’s Weddell Sea since the 1970s.

Scientists are fascinated by this discovery and what it could mean for Antarctica’s oceans.

Kent Moore, professor of physics at the University of Toronto, told National Geographic:

“In the depths of winter, for more than a month, we’ve had this area of open water. It’s just remarkable that this polynya went away for 40 years and then came back.”

A polynya also formed last year, although it wasn’t as big as this year’s.

Source: Pexels

Scientists knew they had to monitor the area for polynyas this year because of last year’s discovery. The harsh winter in Antarctica, however, makes it extremely challenging to find holes in the winter sea’s surface like this one. This makes studying polynyas highly difficult, too.

The deep water in that part of the Southern Ocean is warmer and saltier than the surface water. A polynya is created when ocean currents bring the warmer water upwards, which then melts the layers of ice on the ocean’s surface and creates a hole.

Scientists are working to find out why these holes are forming again after so many years.

Source: Pixabay

Moore thinks that marine mammals could be using this new hole to breathe. Scientists are still not certain, however, what this polynya will mean for Antarctica’s oceans and climate in the long term, and whether it is related to climate change.


Apparently, You Can Now Send Ashes of Your Dead Loved Ones Into Space

“This feels like a fitting tribute to those of us who have lived through the prologue to the space age.”

Although our technology has greatly advanced over through the years, our knowledge about space can still be considered shallow. This just proves how vast the universe is and that it'll take forever for us humans to understand its complexities. Regardless, humanity has managed to step further and reach new milestones.

In fact, a British company is looking to make things a little bit interesting for your dead loved ones. They’re basically planning to send the remains of deceased people into space. Their ashes will be lost into the cosmos, making the universe their final resting place. And all of these can be done for only $1,050.

Ashes into space? Not bad.

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Hacking the Human Brain to Get High is Possible Without Drugs, According to New Study

And yes, the effect is much, much greater than that of a drug user’s.

The brain is perhaps the most interesting part of the human body. And yes, this goes without saying that it’s the most complex of all. Interestingly, it’s usually conceptualized as a supercomputer of cosmic complexities – or at least, this is what science tells us.

But believe it or not, the brain can be hacked to hijack it for a range of various purposes. Getting high, in particular, is the most popular of all. Why? Well, it’s simply because of the never-ending increase in drug use. And while you might have entertained the idea of “getting high,” your consciousness says otherwise.

Because getting high doesn't have to be risky.

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Two Inventors Create Robot That Can Iron 12 Pieces Of Clothing In 3 Minutes!

There goes the entire dry cleaning industry.

No one in their right minds enjoys doing laundry-related chores, especially the ironing. It’s time- consuming and frustrating, not to mention monotonous and exhausting. Unless you have an obsessive-compulsive disorder or happen to be a robot.

Speaking of the latter, it is perhaps the reason why a couple of young inventors (likely tired of doing their own laundry and ironing), came up with the perfect automated ironing machine to do the much-despised duty.

Yes, you can now own a robot that can do all your drying and ironing for you. All in a matter of minutes.

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