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Artist Travels Around The World And Take Photos Inspired By Snow Patrol’s Song.

Artist’s “If I lay here” project is music, photography and travel all rolled into one.


For those who love alternative rock or someone who simply has an ear for good music, who could forget Snow Patrol’s song–Chasing Cars? This “LSS-worthy” music track might even be on your favorite playlist (I have it on mine). Meanwhile, the chorus starts with this all too familiar line, “If I lay here” and this is how it all started for one artist who took the song to a whole new level.

Combining her love for all three– music, photography and travel, artist Karolina Jonderko who describes herself a “visual storyteller” began her project entitled “If I lay here.” According to her, this project has given her the opportunity to travel to her dream destinations, something that she loves to do.

Karolina’s photo series depict the beautiful places she has been to, from Thailand, New York, Iceland and more. It also shows the changes in her appearance including how she uniquely turned every image into such a fine masterpiece. She even had her first ever “If I lay here” exhibition. Cool!

Lopburi, Thailand


Photo credit: Instagram

“I began to take self-portraits lying in different places around the world. Sometimes it’s illegal, sometimes people gather around wondering what on earth I am doing, but it’s fun,” she said.



Photo credit: Instagram

“It’s on going record of her life,” she said about her project. Her next destination is another check in her bucket list–Snow Patrol’s home which is in Northern Ireland.

Ayutthaya, Thailand


Photo credit: Instagram
Erawan National Park, Thailand


Photo credit: Instagram
Tel Aviv, Israel


Photo credit: Instagram
Vienna, Austria


Photo credit: Instagram
Ko Jum, Thailand


Photo credit: Instagram
London, UK (Fiend’s couch)


Photo credit: Instagram
Hverfjall volcano, Iceland


Photo credit: Instagram


Amazing Sculptures ‘Magically’ Come Alive When Spun Under a Strobe Light

What you see is not always what it seems.

Optical illusions are images that the brain perceives differently from the objective reality. The eye receives information that does not match the physical appearance and measurement of the stimulus source. Often, these illusions are fun to watch. But when such kind of art is coupled with mathematics, it produces magical results.

Take these 3D-printed sculptures for example. Created by John Edmark, an inventor, designer, artist, and lecturer in Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, these works of art become alive when spun under the a strobe light at just the right speed. The rotation speed must be set to match the flashes of the strobe light; that is, the strobe light flashes each time the sculpture rotates at 137.5º.

So aside from the strobe light and the well-calculated rotation speed, what makes these scuptures unique?

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Artist Makes a Christmas Surprise on Windows of a Children’s Hospital

Be amazed on how exceptional this artist is! See the astonishing window artwork he made for the children in the hospital!

What do you think about when you hear the word paintings and artwork? Most people love to have a unique artwork in their homes and offices. There are people who hire artists to do an expensive art. People appreciate and interpret various arts differently. Some people feel relaxed, energized, amazed and many more when they look at artworks.

An artist from Britain named Tom Baker made a special artwork for the children in The Royal Berkshire Hospital children’s ward.

Tom Baker is the only artist in the world who uses this method.

Artist Creates Artwork 1

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Hilarious Illustrations Accurately Depicts What it’s Like to be a Mother

MOMS Check out these amusing photos of everyday motherhood problems! You will surely see yourself in it and would definitely love it! This is worth SHARING to all moms out there!

What do you think about when you hear the word motherhood? Motherhood is one of the greatest blessings a woman can receive. Motherhood equates to unconditional love. This is one of the most difficult professions in the world because it comes along with great responsibilities. Raising babies and children can test the patience of parents, it can also be challenging but at the same time, they give so much happiness that makes every effort worth it.

Motherhood is love and joy. It is when you are able to learn more things, like being strong for the children and being able to do something you never thought is possible. Parenthood is how you love through the ups and down, and the love you give lasts a lifetime from birth to eternity. It is something you choose and love despite the challenges life brings, a treasure you will forever cherish.

Below are illustrations from Natalia Sabransky, she is from Argentina. Natalia is a wife and a new mother. Her husband is Gaston and his son is named Santiago. She posted her illustrations in her website Mama Ilustrada because she wanted other moms to relate about everyday motherhood experiences and make mothers feel that they are not alone. The characters in her drawings are played by her, his husband and son. Natalia Sabransky wants to encourage moms about their role and let them see themselves in her illustrations.

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