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Artist Creates Realistic Women Sculptures That Will Make You Take A Second Look





Sculptures might be one of the oldest forms of art. Ancient people started to carve even before they learned to paint of design their dwellings. The earliest drawings were even carved on rocks.

For thousands of years, sculptures have filled many roles in human life. Statues were built to represent kings, later on to represent the gods of the Greeks and much later on to represent the leaders of the Romans.

Since the dawn of carving until the present day, sculptures have been largely monumental. Cities from all over the world have piece or two to flaunt, only proving that such form of art still greatly influences a region’s culture.

Prehistoric sculptures that still survive today show that the earliest creations of artists were not that beautifully made. However, as the world evolves, so does the tools for carving improve. From carved animals to guide hunters to honorary pieces to honor great soldiers, many artists today go beyond the normal, putting almost any idea into a block of wood.

The world is now discovering the wonderful art of Luo Li Rong who creates life-size and life-like sculptures of women.

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A Chinese artist is even amusing the world with her impeccable art works. Luo Li Rong creates life-size bronze sculptures of women using European, Renaissance, Baroque and other period’s sculpting techniques.

Luo Li Rong’s formal study in art added to her skillful carving techniques which shows in her impeccable works.

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Luo Li Rong has been living in Belgium for several years now. At an early age, she began sculpting and went to the prestigious Academy Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing to further her knowledge and improve her skills in carving. Her years of dedication on her studies never went to waste as she graduated with honors and later became a member of the workshop of Master Sun Jiabao. It was then that she immersed herself in figurative sculpture where she aimed to be one in spirit with her models, hence making her creations look pretty realistic.

After training with a prominent master of arts, Luo Li Rong received many commissions and worked on numerous sculpting projects in public. These include her stints during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Luo Li Rong continues to remain true to her art principles as she adds pieces to her dazzling collections in Belgium. People are in awe with the beauty, craftsmanship and femininity of her sculptures. See some of her works that are going viral on internet below:


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