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This Sturdy Residential House Was 3D Printed In Only 24 Hours For Less Than $11,000





Building a house usually requires a lot of time and money. It often takes months to finish and you, the house owner, can expect to spend big bucks until the project gets completed.

That’s why we are absolutely mind-blown when we heard about this news circulating on our feeds recently.

According to online reports, Apis Cor, a company based in San Francisco, managed to build a house in just 24 hours.

Source: Apis Cor

How was that even possible, you ask?

Well, the said house was created using 3D printing technology.

Source: Apis Cor

The Apis Cor’s website claims they are the “first company to develop a mobile construction 3D printer which is capable of printing whole buildings completely on site.”

The residential home was erected in Russia and it measures 400 square foot.

Source: Apis Cor

Although it only took a day to construct the residential house from a concrete mixture, it is sturdy enough that the company says that it will last for up to 175 years.

The best part of all, however, is the fact that the entire 3D printed house only costs less than $11,000!

Now just imagine the possibilities…

Source: Apis Cor
Countries across the world can take advantage of this new technology.

Source: Apis Cor
These cheap 3D printed homes can be ideal for homeless families and needy refugees.

Source: Apis Cor
Watch the video here and see for yourself:

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So, what do you think about this, folks? Would you be interested to have your own 3D printed house? Also, what could be the possible pros and cons of this? Hit us with your thoughts in the comment section.

Meanwhile, in case you want to learn more about Apis Cor, you can go check out their official website and get additional information about these awesome 3D printed homes.

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