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4-year-old Girl Left Home At 3 A.M. And Took The Bus Alone To Get A ‘Slushie.’ ADORABLE Kid!

4-year-old Annabelle Ridgeway left home at 3AM to get a Slushie.


Kids are naturally curious and they always see things as an opportunity or a possibility. For them, happiness is simple and they are willing to do anything of their capacity to get what they want. Sometimes, that happiness can mean a ‘Slushie’ craving during the wee hours, yes.

This little girl named Annabelle Ridgeway, 4 years old, gave her parents quite a scare when she left their home in Philadelphia at around 3:00 a.m. and took the bus alone to get herself a Slushie. This innocent kid didn’t even bother waking up her parents and headed straight out in her purple raincoat. She is just a kid after all, an adorable one at that as well.

Fortunately, the bus driver who is a father of 3 kids including some kind passengers saw Annabelle and thought that her parents might be worried so they made sure that she returns home safe. Soon enough, Annabelle and her parents were reunited at a local hospital. Her mother even promised her a Slushie even after sneaking out. They also plan to reconfigure their locks at home to make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

Little Annabelle and her love for Slushie. Her innocence is both fascinating and funny.


Photo credit: YouTube
‘All I want is a Slushie. That was all she said,’ bus driver Harlan Jenifer told the interviewer.


Photo credit: YouTube
Watch the video report about Annabelle’s trip here:

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What an overnight adventure! This adorable kid surely knows how to satisfy her cravings – thank God she wasn’t hurt in the process.



A Sleepy Puppy Tries To Stay Awake While Watching Over A Sleeping Baby. Adorable!

This puppy will do anything to stay awake just so it can watch over its owner’s baby.

Dogs, they say, are man's best friends. They can be the only friend we would ever need in our lifetime because they are loyal, caring, and truly exceptional. Even as puppies, they have developed this "human-like" attitude of being protective of the ones they dear.

Take this video for example. A puppy was tasked to look after the owner's baby. The pup is quite sleepy, and with the good deep sleep that the baby is having, it can't help but squint its eyes and doze off too. But being the natural protector that it is, the puppy tried shifting positions just to stay awake. Finally, the puppy decided to lounge atop the baby to make sure that the baby stays protected in case it falls asleep.

This is adorable in many different ways, and we can't help but gush over how dogs understand the concept of unconditional love, care and security.

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They Thought This Dog Was Dead So They Buried It. 4 Days Later, It Came Back From The Dead.

How this dog fought for her life and survived will choke you up.

We've heard of people coming back to life from their graves. These stories are often gruesome, and commonly involve some brain-seeking zombies. But very rarely, for some inexplicable reason, they just come back alive. Apparently, this can happen to animals, too. And I'm not talking about Pet Sematary.

Theia, a 'bully' mix, has experienced this tragic tale. She had been run over, hammered, and probably had been buried - and she had survived it all. Imagine the kind of tale she can tell if only she can speak.

The veterinarian who attended to Theia said that Theia was run over by a car.


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Meet The Blind Man Who Creates Amazing Paintings

John is the very proof that having a handicap is not the end of the world and that talent can overcome any obstacle.

Losing the sense of sight should be very devastating for an artist. I mean, how can you draw, let alone do paintings without seeing what you’re doing? Losing his eyesight due to severe epilepsy should have ended John Bramblitt’s career but instead, it actually jumpstarted his brilliant work.

He was just starting to paint in 2001 when he became functionally blind as a result of the epilepsy. His eyes were only capable of differentiating sunlight and darkness, nothing more. He plunged into deep despair for a year after he went blind but his talent and determination made him discover a way to create paintings despite his handicap – he used textured paint. He made use of the raised lines as guide to place stuff in the canvas.

John Bramblitt went blind in 2001 due to complications from epilepsy


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