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Toddler Receives a Ticket From The Police For Pulling Up in a ‘No-Parking Zone’

Remember, no motorcycle parking in the circle by the ferry terminal. This ruthless biker was caught yesterday!


Teaching our kids about the law can never be too early. It is our duty as adults to instruct them about what’s good and what’s bad through our words and example. For a 3-year-old toddler in Canada, his first real life lesson came in sooner than most kids his age.

On Sunday, July 5, the Halifax Regional Police posted a photo on their Facebook page that has gone viral all around the world. The photo features toddler Declan Tramley, who was being given a ticket by Constable Shawn Currie for pulling his red plastic motorbike in a ‘no-parking zone.’

“His dad approached Currie and told him he loves police, and they conspired to give him a ticket for fun,” told Pierre Bourdages, Halifax Regional Police Sgt. to ABC News.

“Remember, no motorcycle parking in the circle by the ferry terminal,” captioned the Halixfax Police Department on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. “This ruthless biker was caught yesterday!”


According to Currie, it was nice to exhibit the soft side of the authorities. “We’re not always making arrests and hauling people away,” he told CTV News. “We like to have fun.”

The photograph perfectly captured Declan’s disappointed look with his hand on his forehead and his face looking seriously troubled. We find it too cute! Although he received a ticket from the police, Declan’s mother, Lisa said his kid showed good sportsmanship and that he loves his ticket. He even tried to go to bed with his precious ticket. Adorable!

Watch the video:

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Women Answer $2 Question, “If You’re a Boy, How Big Would You Want Your Penis to Be?”

Men, please pay attention!

During drunken conversations, we often hear our male friends talk and brag about their pen!ses. While the girls are so busy talking about makeup, fashion, cute boys, and yes, sometimes sex, some men are so preoccupied comparing the sizes of their willy. I guess like having strong biceps, 8-pack-abs, and firm glutes, a huge pen!s also adds up to their machismo.

I didn't know why size mattered so much to them when most women I know say it's all about the "performance". Or is it just a woman's way of sympathizing for those who are not that... gifted?

How big is BIG anyway? 7, 8, 9... 12 inches?

If women are the ones who have pen!ses, what size do you think they'd prefer?

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Man Ties Himself to a Chair With 110 Balloons as a Marketing Stunt, Fails Miserably

See what happens when a man attempts to recreate the Disney movie “Up” by tying 110 balloons in his lawn chair.

What are you capable of doing to promote your business? Do you think any business is worth going to the extremes just to boost sales?

Many entrepreneurs have actually tried almost all kinds of marketing strategies in order to promote their product or service. However, a guy from Canada did more than just that.

When Daniel Bora saw the Disney movie "Up", he became inspired to try using balloons as a marketing strategy for his Calgary-based business.

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Awkward Moment US Runner Celebrates Victory Too Early Only to be Beaten by British Rival

We all feel bad for this dude, don’t we?


Ben Payne, a 33-year-old American runner, was certain of his victory in Peachtree men’s open 10k in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sadly, the celebration of winning the marathon came too early as the 32-year-old British runner Scott Overall beat him by a fraction of a second.

It was indeed an awkward moment for Payne who was seen raising his hands in victory a few feet from the finish line. After the race, the defeated runner was seen putting his hands on his hips as he seems to realize the lost opportunity.

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