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This Animated Short Film About Wishes Will Give You The “Feels”





Have you ever wondered how wishing wells or fountains work? Well, of course, some say it’s pure magic, while others argue it’s just baloney. Nevertheless, we’ve all felt the giddy excitement when throwing that coin in the well together with our heart’s desires.

Now this short animated film about wishing fountains will make you feel the magic again.

Set in an alternate reality where wishes are granted by “workers” underground, “The Wishgranter” takes you on a heartwarming adventure. It chronicles the adventures of one worker who, already feeling detached and apathetic about his work, is forced to go aboveground to grant the wish of two people looking for love.

Watch the adventures of the worker in the film below:

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Wasn’t it just positively lovely and heartwarming? It just makes you believe in the magic of wishes and love again!

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