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Angry Wife Smashes Her Husband’s Expensive BMW With A Hammer

He cheated on her. She smashed his car with hammer.

Mark Andrew





Cheating surely has its consequences and for this unlucky Chinese guy, it’s seeing his luxury car hammered. Like literally.

As you can see on the video below, one furious wife decided to channel her inner Thor and used a hammer to vent her anger after allegedly discovering that her husband was having an affair with a third party. The poor victim? The guy’s expensive BMW vehicle.

The wife repeatedly smashed the BMW car with a hammer after catching her cheating husband.

wife-smashes-bmw-with-hammer 1

Astonished bystanders watched her violently strike the windows of the car and one of the guys even managed to film her in action. According to reports, the woman believed that her husband and his mistress even did their lascivious acts in the car. So when a security guard attempted to stop her, she simply said:

“This is my car, it’s none of your business. This car is too dirty, a car that’s used by a whore is too dirty. Who’s going to open the bonnet for me? I want to smash the inside.”

Watch the video here:

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I don’t know about you but having an idea of how much that car costs, I definitely squirmed with every hit.

Still, the guy probably deserved it. Although to be fair, if you’d scroll down the comments on YouTube, you’ll see a lot of netizens are also expressing disapproval of the woman’s methods.

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Russian Contestant Breaks Her Nose Doing a Split. Ouch!

She became quite famous because of her stunt, but not in the way she probably imagined.

Ann Moises



Talent shows are extremely popular in all parts of the globe. Millions of contestants display their talents in singing and dancing, hoping that the audience will love them. In a few seconds of spotlight designated for their chance at fame, they have to do whatever it takes to get the judges’ approval first.

Yes, whatever it takes.

Ekaterina Kondrashina auditioned for of a talent show called “Dancing”--- Russia’s version of So You Think You Can Dance. She did what she could when her moment to shine finally came. The 23-year-old performed her contemporary dance piece with such gusto and did a full split to wow everyone.

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Who wants an encounter with this strange but fascinating creature?

Mini Malabanan



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The Earth’s ocean, which cover most of the face of the planet, is home to mysterious and sometimes spooky deep-sea creatures. Most of these strange but fascinating creatures have been hiding in the depths of the planet’s waters for ages. With the development of underwater cameras, humans have been given the opportunity to see the unseen as well as explore the unexplored.

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Toddler Tested for STDs After Mom Noticed this Disgusting Thing in His Wafer Snack

The poor kid was already chewing it when his mom saw it.

Ann Moises



What would you do if you found something disgusting in your food? Without having to enumerate the endless possibilities of what shocking, "added" ingredients you might accidentally find in your snack or meal, let us just say to find it there in the first place is inexcusable.

I can only imagine what this very concerned and furious mother named Guzel Khakimullin from Kazan in the Russian republic of Tatarstan felt when she saw what was in her son’s favorite snack.

Can you guess what this yellowish piece is?


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