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Smart Guy Builds Real-Life Version of Thor’s Hammer Only He Can Wield





A few days ago, we shared with you the fantastic NYCC creation of cosplayer Thomas DePetrillo who blew everyone’s socks off with his massive Hulkbuster costume.

So should his fellow Avengers be far behind? Well, it looks like a real-life Thor has also landed on Earth. Or at least, an engineer has built a very cool replica of the Mjolnir.

This hammer is so cool that only one person can lift it – exactly like Thor’s mythical weapon of choice.

According to mythology, only he who is worthy can lift the Mjolnir.


Photo credit: Sufficiently Advanced

YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced used his scientific knowledge to create a hammer that works that way. His version is made of capacitive touch sensor, a microwave oven transformer electro magnet, some batteries, and – the main secret – a fingerprint scanner that only turns on or off when he touches it. Quite sneaky, huh?

Random people on the street were challenged to lift the hammer.


Photo credit: Sufficiently Advanced

He eventually took the Mjolnir to the streets, challenging random strangers to lift it and see if they are worthy. As you can easily guess, every attempt proved futile and those who witnessed this guy lift the hammer were extremely impressed.

You can watch the video here:

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It is noteworthy – and kinda funny – that the last guy was able to lift the Mjolnir though. We’re guessing it’s either he’s so smart or that the battery just ran out during his turn.

The video has become a smash hit on the web it gained over 4 million views in just a span of 5 days. We have a feeling the numbers will continue to soar as more websites are starting to feature and praise this unique creation.


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