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Girl High on Anaesthesia Proposes to Handsome Nurse, Starts Planning Wedding

It was love at first sight.






Anaesthesia and potent medication does more than just numb patients; they make them do some pretty wacky things, too. We’re sure you’ve seen many funny videos of groggy patients that cracked you up. Well, here’s another one to add to that collection.

In the featured video, a young female patient is on serious medication after breaking her arm. But all is well since she has her handsome, bearded, slick-haired nurse, Luke, right by her side. She pretty much gushes over the bespectacled nurse throughout the video. At one point, she’s even unaware of why she’s in the hospital.

This gutsy patient doesn’t hold back and professes her love for her nurse.

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Early in the video, the girl tries to touch her nurse’s face. She then goes on to profess her love for the caring nurse. She tells him:

“I love you so much!”

To which he answers:

Well, thank you.

The girl is on serious medication after breaking her arm.

Unfazed by the nurse’s neutral response, the patient says he’s welcome and insists he must love her, too. The obviously amused nurse is a nice guy, so he remains a good sport about it.

Nurse: Where are we going to get married?
Patient: We’re going to get married at the chapel.
Nurse: At the chapel, I see. I don’t think I like the chapel too much.
Patient: Why not?!
Nurse: I’m just kidding you.

Kudos to Nurse Luke for being such a good sport.

At one point, the funny, groggy patient even bursts into song, crooning her way into her nurse’s heart. She tells him:

“I think we should get married. We’ll be the cutest couple ever! Luke, I love you! You’re the cutest little guy around.”

She then blows him a kiss and continues to gush. Later, she asks her nurse to marry her. Someone in the background even volunteers to be the flower girl in their blue-themed wedding.

The funny patient blows a kiss to her dear nurse.

The patient, at one point, also appears clueless as to why she’s in the hospital. Luke tells his patient she’ll surely have fun watching the video later on. He also jokes that the video might go viral.

We’re sure many people have been cheered up by these two.


Wendy’s Is Delivering Some Savage Burns On Twitter

Wendy’s Twitter admin is pretty savage!

Mark Andrew



Let’s all be a little candid here: If you are working in customer service, your main job is to please people and to represent your company in a positive light. You have to be calm, polite, and patient at all times. You can’t afford to be sarcastic and rude, even to the most annoying of customers. Also, it’s usually a big no-no to attack your competitors.

Well, these rules obviously do not apply to the person behind Wendy’s Twitter account. This guy (or girl?) has built a reputation for dishing out nasty and hilarious remarks whenever the mood strikes.

In fact, we’ve made an earlier post when Wendy’s made a funny Twitter rampage. Now we’re back with more serious and savage burns, as dished out by this popular fast food joint.

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30 Prankster Wives Who Made Us Laugh Extremely Hard

Savage wife is savage!

Mark Andrew



Humor is always an important ingredient of a harmonious relationship. As a married couple, you can’t afford to take yourselves too seriously or, you know, you’ll eventually grow sick and tired of each other’s company.

It is, however, a common misconception that all the fun and laughter has to come from the husband. As you will see on the photo compilation below, there isn’t a shortage of wives who know how to make their partners laugh – or even dish out some nasty pranks.

So yeah, allow us to share with you some photos that prove that wives can be some of the funniest people on the planet:

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25 of the Most Hilarious Sibling Photo Recreations Ever

#4 nailed it!




Having siblings and growing up together are among the most beautiful things that can ever happen to us. We may miss a few years of being together, like when a brother or a sister goes away to attend college or to live abroad. However, the beautiful bond remains and the moment that we meet again, it's like there were no years lost and we are transported back to the time when we were still kids and played with mud.

Now, surely, we have loads of childhood photos to document those "mud-playing days," and those photos tell golden stories about our past adventures, antics, hilarious moments, dorky hairstyles, and funny facial expressions. Yeah, we get it, we all gush and go "awwww" on those baby pictures, but being babies and kids sure make us look cute in those photos. But how will those pictures look like if adults recreate them?

Take a look at this compilation of photos and see how these siblings creatively recreated their hilarious childhood pictures:

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