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26 Amazing and Perfectly Timed Photos That Are Surprisingly Not Photoshopped

There is beauty all around us. When we look at nature, we see amazing shapes in the clouds, in snow, in the way a rainbow is formed, and even in the patterns of animals. There is even beauty in man-made things interacting with nature.

The fascinating photos below were taken by photographers during the most precise timing, using no photo editing software whatsoever, and the results are totally mind-blowing.

Do check them out by scrolling down right now:

#1. Flying just beneath the moon

#2. How a forming thunderstorm looks like from a plane at 11,000 feet

#3. An adorable turtle sporting a coat of algae

Source: letu
#4. A rocket's flight illuminated by the sun

Source: mgur
#5. The shining peak of a mountain

Source: Jim Pankey
#6. The wrath of Thor in Novorossiysk

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