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Angry Racist Cries Like a Baby in Mugshot After Getting Arrested

He angrily harassed a Muslim family in the beach. He ended up regretting it.

When you are enjoying some family time in the beach, the last thing you’d want to encounter is to have your moment disrupted by an angry guy who simply wouldn’t quit blurting out racist tirades against you and your loved ones.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what a Muslim family experienced when Alexander Downing, 35, while they were relaxing in South Padre Island in Texas. According to Noria Alward, one of the family members, Downing verbally harassed them for around 20 minutes before leaving for his hotel.

In a Metro report, we learn that the trouble began when two women approached Nora’s father because Downing was harassing them.

35-year-old Alexander Downing verbally harassed a Muslim family in a Texas beach.

Source: CEN

Nora shared:

“All my father said to the guy was ‘Please enjoy your time and have fun and let everyone else here enjoy their time’.

“The guy seemed to listen and walked away. He then came back to my father and started throwing racist comments.”

Nora caught the incident on film and later shared it on social media.

In the said video, Downing can be heard shouting:

“ISIS don’t mean shit to me, mother fucker.”

“Suck my goddamn dick, right there, right fucking there… My fucking country is the greatest country in the world.”

“Donald Trump motherfucker. Come fuck with Donald Trump. That’s my motherfucking President.”

Watch the video of the encounter here:

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He later ended up in tears while his mugshot was being taken, following his arrest.

Source: CEN

Eventually, the loud Trump supporter was arrested by police officers at the restaurant of the hotel he was staying in. He was, however, wearing a very different face as his mugshot was being taken for public intoxication. He was charged for being “intoxicated in a public place and a danger to himself and others.”

In an interview with News Center 23, Police Chief Randy Smith said:

“I was saddened. I just want to say there is no way any of us here that work for the city would not tolerate anything like that.

“We try to create an environment where people can come to the beach, have a good time and have a good time with their families and enjoy themselves.

“The last thing we want is for someone to be harassed and taunted by an intoxicated subject that is blatantly out of line.”


Missing Hikers Found After Seven Weeks Lost in Himalayas

Taiwanese hikers Liange Sheng-Yue and Liu Chen-Chun were found 7 weeks after falling into a ravine.

Two Taiwanese hikers were found after going missing in Nepal. Liange Sheng-Yue and his girlfriend, Liu Chen-chun, were found and airlifted out of a ravine near the Narchet River in the Himalayas. They were rescued by Kathmandu-based Asian Trekking Agency official Basnet Madhav.

However, only Liang Sheng-Yue was found alive, as his girlfriend passed away three days before help arrived.

A photo of Liang when he was rescued. He lost 30 lbs during the time he went missing.


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Filipina Girl Gets Rejected By UK Grammar School Despite Having ‘Higher IQ Than Einstein’

11-year-old Mia Golosino is considered as one of the brightest children in the world.

It sounds unbelievable but it really happened – an 11-year-old girl with an IQ of 162 has been rejected by a grammar school in the United Kingdom. By comparison, it is believed Einstein has an IQ of 160.

So yes, this student is really one of the brightest in the world.

Mia Golosino, 11, was turned down by Aylesbury Grammar School despite being one of the world’s brightest children.


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Popular Male Escort “Bali Boyfriend” Reveals What Women Really Want From Him!

He’s not just about sex, ladies.

25-year old Steve is not your ordinary male escort. The man popularly known as “Bali Boyfriend” got his reputation not because of his sexual prowess but because of other factors. He offers more than sexual gratification to his clients, whose ages range from 35-40 years old. What he offers is something that women want more than sex – attention.

“They just like me to be here,” Steve said in an interview with Daily Mail Australia. He spoke about his clients, who come from Australia, Japan, Korea and Europe. “They really want someone to understand them and how they feel. It's not just about intimacy.”

He's more than an escort...he's the "Bali Boyfriend" and he is more than just sex.


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