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Albinos Hunted in Tanzania, Body Parts Prized by Witchdoctors and Sold as Lucky Charms




Warning: Graphic Content

Although it is considered a rare disorder, albinism is a skin condition that can be found in all ethnicities. This defect is characterized by a lack or absence of pigmentation in the eyes, skin, and hair caused by the lack of melanin. Most albinos are also visually impaired plus they have a higher risk of getting skin cancer from constant exposure to UV rays.

Despite all these difficulties, albinos are, sadly, being treated with discrimination and disrespect sometimes. There are people who would ridicule and bully them for different reasons. Worst of all, some of these albinos are being attacked in an attempt to sell their body parts as lucky charms – such as what’s happening in Tanzania right now.

Currently considered by the United Nations as the “most dangerous country for albinos,” there have been 156 reported cases of albinos being attacked, mutilated, or murdered in Tanzania since 2006.

Miriamu Staford, an albino, was attacked by four masked who tore her arms off.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 1

“They believe our body parts and organs will make them rich and happy,” spoke Miriamu Staford an albino who has been one of the victims herself. Although she survived the tragic attack, she still couldn’t forget how four masked men “with machetes” suddenly broke into their home one night and chopped her two arms.

Miriamu lost both of her arms in a 2008 attack.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 16

Miriamu Staford described the awful experience:

“His blade was dull. He hacked and he hacked. Blood — blood everywhere. There was a jerk, my arm tore off. That’s when I felt the burning. That’s when I screamed in pain.”

And there are many other similar stories around the country.

Sophia’s older daughter was snatched from her home. She never saw her again.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 3

Sophia’s four-year-old daughter, Pendo Emmanuelle, was snatched from her home. She never saw her again. Sophia is desperately worried for the safety of her baby daughter who is also an albino.

She’s scared because her hut only has a simple lock and there’s no police protection in the area.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 19

14-year-old Pendo lost her arm to attackers. Each albino arm is sold for £3,200.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 10

Pendo Sengerema, a victim, with Vicky Ntema of charity group Under the Same Sun.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 15

In the past, albino hair, fingernails, and urine were used by ‘Mganga’ witchdoctors to create talismans and potions. Things have gotten worse nowadays as they are now working with killers to snatch out body parts such as arms, legs, skins, bones, and even genitals.

Reports claim that albino skin is being sold for £6,000, while internal organs are for £65,000. A whole body, on the other hand, runs for £130,000.

Snake skin and bones, wildpig tooth, dogskull and roots are sold in Tanzania as lucky charms.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 4
Sadly, albino body parts are also sold because some people believe it will bring them luck and happiness in life.

In Lake Victoria, fishing is one of the main sources of income for the people.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 13

Witchdoctors claim that Albino Hair attracts the fish because it glitters.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 14

This man, who wanted to remain unnamed, told that even the mining workers believe a dead mine gets better by using an albino arm.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 17

In 2009, 29-year-old Lázaro was arrested for allegedly murdering 9-year-old albino Esther Walker. He was freed due to a lack of evidence.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 12

Fortunately, there are also those who are standing for the rights of albino people.

Josephat Torner, also an albino, fights for the rights of albino people.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 7

With many others, he is campaigning to put a stop to this evil trade. When he was born, the midwife advised his mother to poison him, saying he will bring curse to the whole village.

Josephat explained "Some believe we bring luck – others are convinced we're a curse on the family and the whole village."

tanzania-hunted-albinos 8

“Many think that we ourselves are spirits. They believe that we don't die, that we just become paler and paler until we finally disappear,” said Josepath.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 20

27-year-old Mbalu John is a mother of 4 albino children.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 2

They are currently living in Kabanga school where people with albinism are seeking protection.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 9
Mbalu John hopes her children will not become victims of the traffickers.

Some albino children attending the Kabanga catholic church, praying for protection from the attackers.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 5

A guard also watches over the children in Kabanga. Risks are higher during election year as some witchdoctors say albino potions increase politicians' chances of winning.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 18

Another place, the Buhangija, provides a safe haven for albino children.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 6

Buhangija feeds these children as well.

tanzania-hunted-albinos 11

It’s terribly heartbreaking how these people have to suffer due to this evil trade. Hopefully, the government will be able to put a permanent stop on this.

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