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Man With Duct-Taped Shoes Leaves Surprise Donation To Children’s Charities

“It’s really a gift to all of us to see that pure demonstration of philanthropy and love.”


Alan Naiman could be perfectly described as a frugal man. In fact, the social worker bought his clothes at Costco, cut coupons, liked to take thrifty road trips for his holidays, and patched up his shoes with duct tape.

However, Alan is also the perfect example of not judging a book by its cover. Because despite his humble lifestyle and relatively modest salary working for the State of Washington’s Child Protective Services, he amassed quite a fortune.

Alan was paid $67,234 a year as a social worker, and he also had two other jobs. He was also thrilled when he hit 60 because he could qualify for senior discounts.

He drove the same used pickup truck for years and rarely spent money on himself unless he had to. As a former accountant, he was smart with his money and, just like his hero Warren Buffet, he knew how to make it grow through investments. He was as hardworking as he was frugal and often had as many as three jobs at a time.

At age 63, Alan died of cancer in January 2018. Until then people had no idea about his money.  After his passing, that’s when people around him learned that he quietly saved up.

Alan left most of his $11 million estates to organizations that help the less fortunate children, especially those who are abandoned, impoverished, sick and disabled.

Close friends Susan Madsen said:

“Growing up as a kid with an older, disabled brother kind of colored the way he looked at things.”

He left $2.5 million to the Pediatric Interim Care Center and gave $900,000 to the Treehouse foster care organization.

Jessica Ross, Treehouse’s chief development officer, said:

“The frugality that he lived through, that he committed to in his life, was for this. It’s really a gift to all of us to see that pure demonstration of philanthropy and love.”


Worried Dog Would Do Anything To Protect Owner Even From Medics

Dogs are definitey more than just a man’s best friend.

We all know the famous line, “Dogs are man’s best friend.” As it turns out, however, humans are definitely more than just a great pal for these four-legged pets.

One dog clearly proved that his owner is his everything from being his master to his best friend. Losing him would be unbearable for the broken-hearted dog that he would do anything to protect his human, even from the people who were trying to save him.

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Funny Viral Video Shows Dad Trying To Copy Daughter’s Gymnastic Moves

Meet the most supportive dad EVER!

Perhaps nothing is more precious than that special bond between a parent and a child - and this is exactly what we see in full display in a recent video that went viral on social media.

You've probably come across this cute, heartwarming clip on Facebook which features a young female athlete teaching her father some basic gymnastics moves. As anyone can imagine, the results are both funny and adorable.

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Dad Books 6 Flights To Spend Christmas With Flight Attendant Daughter

And the Father of the Year Award goes to …

Most fathers are determined to always make their little girls feel special. One awesome dad decided to spend Christmas with his flight attendant daughter who was working during the holiday. The sweet father actually rode on each of his special girl's flights just so she wouldn't feel lonely.

Hal Vaughan was understandably sad when he found out that his daughter Pierce would have to work during Christmas. Determined to cheer the Delta Airlines flight attendant up while she worked during the holiday, Hal purchased tickets to all of her flights just so he could keep her company. The amazing story was discovered by Mike Levy when he met the awesome dad on one of the flights.

Mike with Hal, who took six different planes to stay with his daughter last Christmas.

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