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Mom’s Heartbreaking Post About Bullied Daughter Goes Viral on Social Media





Bullying is always a controversial topic and it’s very heartbreaking when we hear about the stories of young victims. One mother from Louisberg, North Carolina has had enough of three boys bullying her daughter and so she took her fury to social media.

According to the mother, she has gotten frustrated of the whole situation because the principal has taken no action despite the repeated instances of bullying. Her post has eventually garnered a lot of support from numerous netizens.

Since moving to the area, Aimee Johnson’s daughter has been physically and mentally bullied three times on the bus.

Source: Facebook

In a lengthy post on Facebook, the mother wrote:

“This is NOT ok! My daughter has been bullied on the bus since we moved to Louisburg, continuously by the same 3 little boys. This is the 3rd time physical violence has happened to her in 4 months. I’m done!

“This time her water bottle was taken from her and they hit her upside the head with it! Called her ‘ugly’ and ‘dumb’. The first time I was told that the cameras were pulled and the act was seen by the bus department and the principal and that action by the principal would be taken.. never was! I was told by the child who did this to her it wasn’t. This is the 3rd time!

“I contacted the bus department extremely angry, and told them that action WILL be taken this time! They went on to tell me that it was the last time! Lies! I was told it wasn’t! My daughter does not deserve this at 9 years old by 4th and 5th grade boys! Teach your sons not to hit women! Done!”

The bullying has affected her daughter very negatively.

Source: Facebook

Aimee also told FOX 4:

“She doesn’t want to go to school, she doesn’t want to get on the bus, she wants to move. It’s been pretty hard on her.

“We were just trying to let our friends and family going on and then the next thing we know it’s viral. We’re just trying to get the awareness out there that hey this needs to be stopped, this is not cool and it should not happen.”

Numerous netizens have since shared her post, with many expressing support and taking her side. Moreover, the local police department has also gotten involved to help Aimee’s daughter.

Watch the video here:

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Needless to say, Aimee’s courage to stand for her daughter has inspired many. We do hope the problem gets resolved and the bullying stops soon.

Parents, share with us how you help your children deal with bullying!

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