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Aerial Photos Show Disney World’s $1 Billion Star Wars Land Near Completion

It’s absolutely unreal!


Star Wars fans are counting down the days until Walt Disney World opens Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The new section of its amusement park is specifically devoted to the epic space-opera media franchise.

The first of the twin lands will open at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California, on May 31, while the second will open at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, on Aug. 29. And with just four months until opening day, new aerial photos show construction in its final stages.

The highly-anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge reportedly costs $1 billion, and it seems to be as epic as it promised to be.

Pictures have now emerged of the Disney World edition of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and it looks just as incredible as any Star Wars fan could have imagined. Aerial photos show the 14-acre spread nearing completion and offer a sneak peek at the attractions visitors have to look forward to.

The area is filled with various still-under-construction creations, including the iconic Millennium Falcon. The larger-than-life spacecraft in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is a replica of the one featured in the famous film franchise.

The pictures that were taken at Disney World in Florida start to just about show the massive scale of the operation, with the development dwarfing a nearby car park.

As well as the recognizable Star Wars buildings and ships in the images, we can see cranes and diggers that are creating even more ridiculous rides to bring visitors in their droves.

The land will also feature several restaurants, including Ronto Roasters and Oga’s Cantina, which will be the first Disney venue to sell alcoholic beverages.

In anticipation of the rush to get into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disney tickets got even more expensive back in January, rising to $104 for one-day entry into one park at off-peak times. Tickets for regular and prime-time visits – such as holidays and weekends – will cost a whopping $149 per day. However, it’s likely to be completely worth it!


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