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25 Breathtaking Aerial City Views You Probably Have Never Seen Before





Traveling is always an awesome experience. It offers us an opportunity to release stress and to recharge our batteries so we can once again face the challenges of our mundane lives. Of course, aside from the renewed vigor that we get, traveling allows us to witness new sights.

However, when we travel, we only usually get to see views from the ground. Well, of course, except when skydiving or when riding some sort of a plane or something. But, if we can only look at the “bird’s-eye view” of these wonderful sceneries, maybe we can appreciate their full beauty.

This was what AirPano, a team of Russian photographers, must have thought so they decided to take photography to the next level – and by that, we mean hundreds of meters above the ground! They have been taking spectacular aerial shots of cities throughout the world, showing us sights that we don’t see every day.

Take a look at these awesome shots:

1. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

Source: air
2. New Delhi, India

3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

4. Paris, France

5. Westerdok, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

6. Dubai, United Arab Emirates

7. Seattle, United States of America

8. Siena, Italy

9. Agra Fort, India

10. Prambanan, Indonesia

11. Buenos Aires, Argentina

12. Cancun, Mexico

13. Madrid, Spain

14. Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

15. Vienna, Austria

16. Budapest, Hungary

17. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

18. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

19. Varanasi, India

20. Monument to the Mexican Revolution, Mexico City, Mexico

21. São Paulo, Brazil

22. Toronto, Canada

23. Lima, Peru

24. Paris, France

25. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Awesome shots, right? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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