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Cute Toddler Can’t Blow Out His Birthday Candle So His Clever Dad Helped Him





This video is a perfect example of cuteness overload! It’s Marty’s second birthday and his loving parents got him a cupcake with a candle on top. It was supposed to be a quick celebration before his dad left for work that morning.

Marty was so eager to blow out the candle, but his parents had to sing to him first. His face was so full of emotions as he looked at his cake and at the camera, it’s so adorable!


His parents finished the birthday song. Now, all Marty has to do is to blow out the candle.

He tried once, twice…


For most kids, this should be an easy task. However, those who are too young may find it quite challenging, so blowing the birthday candle often turns into a family effort.

Marty had a difficult time doing it as well. You can actually tell by looking at his cute face how intently he was trying to put the flame out, but he couldn’t. So his dad thought of something clever.

Watch this video:

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Kudos to the dad, he was very patient with Marty and his simple, yet smart idea allowed the kid to enjoy “his moment”. And we should commend Marty for doing it himself and for not giving up. They’re both so endearing to watch!

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