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1,100-Year-Old Mummy With “Adidas Sneakers” Has Just Been Restored

This has got to be the most fashionable mummy ever!


In April 2016, a seemingly trendy mummy that looked like it was wearing Adidas trainers was discovered by archaeologists and herders in Mongolia. And, just recently, researchers have been able to restore the mummy, including its fancy garments and footwear.

Though her shoes bear an uncanny resemblance to Adidas sneakers, it wasn’t what it appeared to be. What the mummy was wearing was a pair of knee-high felt boots intricately decorated with a black-and-red striped pattern. The footwear also boasts leather soles and fancy buckles.

The infamous "Adidas trainers" found worn by a mummy.

What was previously thought as a pair of sneakers was actually a pair of boots.

In an interview with Siberian Times, Galbadrakh Enkhbat, the director of the Center for Cultural Heritage of Mongolia, said:

“With these stripes, when the find was made public, they were dubbed as similar to Adidas shoes with the three stripes.”

“In this sense, they are an interesting object of study for ethnographers, especially so when the style is very modern.”

It turns out that the mummy was a female Turkic seamstress who passed away in Mongolia’s Altai mountains. The initial estimate of the mummy’s death was at 1,500 years old. However, a second review determined that she died around 1,100 years ago. Based on the evidence of severe trauma on her skull, the researchers speculate that she died due to a blow to her head. The researchers are planning to perform further DNA and radiocarbon tests on the mummified remains to glean more information about her life.

It is estimated that the woman, now mummy, died 1,100 years ago.

A clutch bag found along with the mummified remains.

Also found together with the mummy are various items, including a comb, a mirror, a knife, and a clutch bag. There was also a saddle and the remains of a horse.

That seems quite a stash for a mummy, huh?


Scientists Believe That Earth is Spitting Out the Deepest Proof of Life Ever Found

These come from somewhere way below the bottom of the sea!

Evidence of microbial life that has existed in the deepest depths of the planet may have just been discovered. Scientists have detected organic matter in the rocks spewed by mud volcanoes near Mariana Trench, Earth's deepest point.

While humans are on the continuous lookout for alien life forms in other planets and galaxies, the discovery of such organic matter emphasizes the possibility that similarly unknown and bizarre organisms exist within Earth's deepest recesses.

The study's lead researcher, Oliver Plümper from the Utrecht University in the Netherlands, told National Geographic:

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The Hoba Meteorite, the Largest Known Meteorite on Earth, Didn’t Leave a Crater

It was discovered by a farmer while ploughing his field.

The Hoba meteorite, also known as the Hoba West, is currently the largest known meteorite (as a single piece) on Earth. The 66-ton iron object was discovered by a farmer back in 1920 not far from Grootfontein in the Otjozondjupa Region of Namibia.

The owner of the land on which the Hoba was found, Jacobus Hermanus Brits, discovered the object while ploughing one of his fields with an ox. He heard a loud metallic scratching sound, which caused his plough to suddenly stop.

The Hoba meteorite is the largest known meteorite on Earth.

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Senator Claims Human Body Heat Causes Climate Change

This is why you should be careful who you vote for.

Let's face it; while some politicians may be geniuses when it comes to creating laws and policies, there are some who make us wonder why people still vote for them in the first place. And the sad part is that many of these politicians are senators who adamantly seem to reject not only common sense, but also verified researchers about important issues.

Case in point, we have Scott Wagner, a Pennsylvanian Republican State senator. During a recent event in Harrisburg, he made this incredibly brain-twisting statement:

We have more people. You know, humans have warm bodies. So is heat coming off? Things are changing, but I think we are, as a society, doing the best we can.

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