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Mom Went Berserk After Catching Abusive Dentist Doing This to Her Daughter.





A dentist consultation is probably worse than any other medical checkups. Kids usually have to go to the dentist to have their milk teeth removed or for regular consults, and it is rare to find someone who are all up for the visit. Even adults cringe at the thought of going to the dentist; there is just something about those doctors and the entire setup that make people get extremely nervous.

Whilst some people are may be overreacting about dentists, we did not know that horrific dentist nightmares can indeed be true. Howard Schneider, a pediatric dentist in Florida is in hot water lately due to abuse complaints filed against him by the parents of his patients.

Brandi Motley brought her six-year old daughter, Brielle, to Dr. Schneider’s office to have a tooth pulled out. She was asked to wait inside the clinic’s waiting room for three hours. When the nurse came out, she reported that there had been an incident: her child was hyperventilating, and had marks and blood all over her body. She was terrified but did not get a clear explanation as to the details of the circumstances that transpired inside the clinic, so she they went out of the clinic and Brandi immediately brought Brielle to the emergency department for appropriate care.

In the hospital, they found that all of Brielle’s teeth were gone. The child also reported that Dr. Schneider hit and choked her; that’s when Brandi called the police twice. However, as per investigation, no police record was ever made.

Frustrated, she took her anger to Facebook and posted photos of her daughter. Many parents responded, saying their children have had similar experiences with the same doctor. Protests outside of Dr. Schneider’s clinic have been ongoing since then. The accused is yet to make a statement.

Watch the video report of the complainants here:

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Credits: CNN via SF Globe

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