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Abandoned Hairless Puppies Give Rescuers Awesome Surprise When Their Fur Grows Back

Can you guess what breed these pups are?


Here’s a great story with an amazing ending. A man managed to save four abandoned little puppies who were in such bad shape that they were practically hairless by taking them to an animal shelter. However, the rescuers got an awesome surprise when their fur finally grows back.

The puppies were reportedly found by an anonymous Good Samaritan in the woods near Sylacauga, Alabama. He immediately brought them to an animal shelter where the staff were shocked by their poor state. The hairless pups were so tiny that they were originally believed to belong to a small breed. Interestingly, their rescuers were in for a major surprise once the little dogs got better.

Jacquie Cobb, president of Illinois-based non-profit organization Second City Canine Rescue (SCCR), decided to step in when the shelter begged for help to care for the puppies. The pups were brought to Auburn Veterinary College for scabies treatment before being placed in foster homes.

The medicated baths and proper meals certainly did wonders for the puppies. Soon, their curly white fur began to grow back and the rescuers began to wonder about their breed. Nicole Zaguroli of SCCR guessed they were Great Pyrenees/poodle mixes because of their curly hair. However, they were also surprised when an adopter decided to find out for sure.

“One of our adopters did a DNA test and shared the results with us today and they are 100-percent Great Pyrenees!” Zaguroli revealed.

Meet Bear, one of the rescued puppies who has found a forever home.
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The Great Pyrenees are also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. They are a large breed that is often used as a livestock guardian dogs. These affectionate pooches are known for their sweet temperament and pure breeds can very much in demand.

As for the rescued puppies, they have now found their forever homes and are expected to grow healthy and strong, thanks to the rescuers who made sure they will be saved.


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