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Feral ‘Mowgli Girl’ Abandoned In A Forest Was Found Living With Monkeys

This girl, believed to be 8 years old, was found in an Indian forest with monkeys.

A girl described to be feral has been found in a forest in India. The eight-year-old could not walk or talk properly. At the moment, she doesn’t seem to have a family who could identify her. What’s surprising is that when police officers found her in the forest in Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary in Bahraich, she was accompanied by three monkeys.

When the officers found her, she reacted with a screech, which also prompted the monkeys to react. She was found to have wounds on her legs and elbow, according to Inspector Ram Avtar Singh. It is believed that her family abandoned her because her clothes are still not so dirty.

Currently, the girl is being treated at a hospital in Bahraich. According to her caregivers, the girl cannot understand the people talking to her. She was acting much like an animal who fears unfamiliar things around her. She would even have violent episodes as doctors continue with her treatment. The girl reportedly tried to escape from the hospital.

This girl, believed to be 8 years old, was found in an Indian forest with monkeys.

She is currently under treatment for malnutrition.

She couldn't walk or talk properly.

It is believed that she had been abandoned by her family.

But that’s not to say that the girl didn’t have any progress. After getting cleaned and fed, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Dinesh Singh said that she “now walks like a human.” The girl has also learned to eat all by herself, but she wouldn’t eat off a plate but rather from the bed, Dr. Dinesh added.

The girl continues to receive treatment, but once she gets better, government child services will take her in and decide what will be good for. For now, no one knows what really happened to the poor girl.

The girl is now being compared to Mowgli of The Jungle Book.

News outlets have now compared her story to that of The Jungle Book’s Mowgli, in which the character was lost as a baby in a jungle in India and then raised by wild animals.

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China Bans Growth Of ‘Abnormal’ Facial Hair And Veils As An Anti-Extremist Measure

Bans against beards and veils had been irregularly implemented in the past.

Chinese officials are aiming to curb extremism and radicalization in the Muslim-dominated province Xinjiang, by imposing a ban on wearing veils in public as well as sporting “abnormal” facial hair. The move was partly prompted by the hundreds of deaths in the province over the past years because security forces had to confront Islamist militants and the unrest among the Muslim Uighur people.

Xinjiang is home to the traditionally Muslim group, the Uighurs. Many of these people have complained that they have been repressed religiously and culturally and have faced discrimination. The unrest in the area has become deadly and authorities got involved in controlling the situation.

Xinjiang, China has imposed a ban on the growth of abnormal facial hairs.


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Heroic 3-Year-Old Girl Saves Unresponsive Mom By Calmly Asking 911 Operator To Send Help.

Amazing response from a 3-year-old girl during 911 emergency.


A child's instinctive behavior is simply fascinating. Sometimes it makes us want to believe that they are adults trapped inside a young body. Their innocent, unassuming but brilliant ways never fail to get us every time, including how they react to certain situations, often trusting their instinct or gut feeling.

This brave little girl from Brick, New Jersey is all that and more. Despite her very young age, the 3-year-old decided to take action the moment she noticed her mother was unresponsive.

With no one to ask for help, she dialed the 911 hotline until she got hold of the operator. Trying to assess the situation and the kid's strange request, the dispatcher tried to engage her in the call whilst asking some relevant questions....

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The Legendary Fight Between Conor McGregor Vs. Floyd Mayweather is Finally Happening

This is the fight that everyone’s been waiting for!

The combat sports community has been waiting for what they consider as the “Match of the Century” between one of the best boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather, and current UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor. Speculation has been rife about the two finally having a face-off and the day may just come sooner than you think.

UFC President Dana White has already been asked by the media about the venue and the date for the Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight. White said that the Irish fighter is more than willing to face Mayweather but the issue is the money that will be made from the fight.

Mayweather assures that the fight will happen and he will come out of retirement just to face his opponent and give fans the legendary fight. And in a video posted on Mar. 11 at, the 40-year-old professional boxer just set the date and venue for the much-awaited fight....

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