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A Man with Down Syndrome Puts up His Own Restaurant and Found His True Love!





Love is for everybody, it has no boundaries regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation and capability.

Sometimes true love can be tough to find, so when it comes knocking on our door; we have to cherish and treasure it.

There are times that we have to make difficult choices, at times we have to give up other things like work to be able to spend more quality time with the people we love.

It’s all about weighing which one is your top most priority. There are hard-hitting choices in life which is inevitable.

A perfect example to this is Tim Harris. He has a down syndrome, he opened his own business, a restaurant and has been operating for five years already.

He is the only one with down syndrome who opened a restaurant in this place and it is such an incredible achievement. He has been working hard for his business and it has been very successful, but then sadly he announced to his customers that he is closing his restaurant.

Watch Tim’s achievement here:

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A woman whom he loves dearly is the reason behind this. He met Tiffany in a down syndrome convention and they instantly fell in love with each other! His business was the most important thing in his life, until he met Tiffany. Tim decided to close it to change place and stay near Tiffany.

Tim and Tiffany with down syndrome showed us what true love means

Tim and Tiffany with down syndrome showed us what true love means

Source: GodVine

Tiffany said,

“I’ve never met a guy like Tim. I think I got hit by a love bug.”

Tim is now planning to open a new restaurant in Denver, although it was not an easy choice for him to give up his successful business. Sometimes the thought of it makes him cry and grieve but according to Tim’s father, Keith despite that; Tim has been very excited about the idea of moving closer to his girlfriend Tiffany.

Tim said,

“Every time I feel sad, my girlfriend makes me feel a lot happier.”

Someone asked Tim ‘when you look at her in the eye, what do you see?’ Tim answered,

“I see love, I see joy, I see that I have a future.”

Tiffany said,

“I’m lucky to have that someone who loves me.”

Watch Tim and Tifanny’s touching story here:

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People with down syndrome are not different from us, they can feel love and they can love the way we do, they can also be successful in life. Tim is a perfect example of man who works hard but never gives up and he is a man full of strength for winning over his trials in life.

It’s so touching as they show awareness about how lucky they are to find true love and how much they are willing to give up important things for love!

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