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A blind Man Asked Help From Rich and Poor People, Guess Who Was Kind Enough to Assist Him

Rich Vs. Poor: Who is more helpful?


The act of kindness can be overwhelming and priceless especially for those who really need it.

In today’s world, people tend to be too busy or preoccupied to give simple act of help.

Others don’t want to do charitable acts for different reasons like they don’t want to be bothered or simply they have no time for it but despite this sad reality, there are kind people left who are still willing to share and give a helping hand to a total stranger.

A Social Experiment Was Created to See Who Are More Helpful, Rich or Poor People?

A Social Experiment Was Created to See Who Are More Helpful, Rich or Poor People?

In the video below, Johal pretended to be blind and asked for help from different strangers. First he asked assistance from people coming from a rich area in town but nobody helped him. Everyone was too busy to entertain him.

The second part of the video is when Johal pretended to be blind while he asks for help from the people in the poor area of the town. What happened is that people there are willing to help and assist him right away without hesitation, even if he’s a total stranger.

Watch Social Experiment Rich vs. Poor:

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Clearly those who are in the poor area were willing to help the blind man and those in the rich people did not. What made the rich people unwilling to help and the poor people kind enough to help were not explained but we may assume that those who are well off are too busy to offer assistance and the poor were able to attend to the need of the blind man because they are not into something and perhaps they feel more empathy about the difficulty the blind man is going through.

A simple act of kindness may be a very great thing for another person. Helping others offers a beautiful journey, sometimes we just have to a stop for a minute and observe the things around us to be able to appreciate how lucky we are and how much we can be involved and be a part of somebody else’s lives.

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