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8 Easy Evening Tricks To Wake Up With Gorgeous Skin





Great skin is undoubtedly the most important aspect in one’s beauty regimen. After all, people invest in foundations and creams that could provide a smooth base for their makeup. Luckily, getting gorgeous skin can somehow be achieved almost overnight.

Flawless skin is a direct result of good health so it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some quick evening tips that will help you wake up with glowing skin.

1. Keep yourself hydrated at night

Moisture always does wonders. Experts recommend drinking a liter of water before bedtime so your skin keeps hydrated while you sleep.

2. Have a healthy dinner without cheese

Who doesn’t love cheese? Your skin. Dairy products can trigger acne and inflammation so it is best to avoid cheese for your dinner. Instead, you can munch on pumpkin and carrots which are rich in beta carotene. Try a salad with kale, spinach, and papaya since they are all packed with antioxidants.

3. Make sure to wash your face before sleeping

Some people might be too exhausted to even bother with removing their makeup. However, this is important for more reasons that just good personal hygiene. Your skin needs to breathe while you are sleeping so always remove your makeup before bed.

4. Use tea tree oil to fight off blemishes

Tea tree oil must be diluted before being applied but they can do wonders on acne. Make sure to put it on your pimples after cleaning your face so you can wake up without any zits.

5. Apply retinoids right before turning off the lights

Retinoids work best at night and on clean skin. Apply the creams only when you’re ready to switch off the lights.

6. Follow Cinderella’s rule and be in bed by midnight

You want to get plenty of sleep to allow your skin to repair during the evening. In addition to that, cell regeneration usually happens right before midnight. Your cells will appreciate it if you are already sleeping when it’s time to regenerate.

7. Choose your pillows wisely

Experts recommend using silk pillow covers since cotton tends to pull moisture out of the skin. You can also use a second pillow to elevate your head and avoid dark, puffy circles under your eyes.

8. Try to sleep on your back

Your sleeping position could also affect your skin. Sleeping on your side could reportedly cause wrinkles since your skin is repeatedly creased throughout the evening. The best option is to sleep on your back so you can wake up refreshed.

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