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6 Types of Girlfriends Who Will Likely Cheat on You





I know we have published a lot of articles about men cheating on their significant others. But let us level the playing field and acknowledge that some females tend to cheat on their partners too. Like the womanizing male stereotypes we all know about, are there also certain types of ladies that are prone to commit cheating? It turns out, yes!

Based on her 19 years of experience in relationship counseling, infidelity expert Ruth Houston observed certain tell-tale characteristics that are usually seen on women who cheat. We’ve summarized it up for you!

(Disclaimer: The traits mentioned do not mean that girls like this will absolutely, 100% surely cheat. Of course people can change over time as well. But these categories are just statistically linked to increased behaviours of cheating compared to women who do not show such characteristics.)

1. The Material Girl aka The Gold Digger

It’s not because she idolizes Madonna that we are calling her the material girl… it is because this girl values material things above everything else! You need to shower this type a lot of gifts, expecting you to buy this and that on her every whim, or asking you to buy her fancy stuff. And if you refuse, she thinks you don’t love her enough! Materialistic girls have a big tendency to cheat because their love literally costs a thing, and if you can no longer give her what she wants, she’ll move on to the next rich guy.

2. The Female Barney Stinson aka The Player

Channeling the character Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother series, this girl has a bang’em forget ’em attitude towards men. Maybe she just likes sex, maybe she has a quota of how many men she would sleep with before she settles down, maybe dating is a game she likes to play, or maybe she just hasn’t found her match yet. If you are not sure if you are just her roadblock or her temporary lover, (even Barney was with Quinn for a while and almost married her!) then brace yourself from the possibility of her going back on her ways. For as long as players don’t acknowledge you as The One, then you are just another temporary filler on their long long long list of lovers.

3. The Rose Among Thorns


She is the girl who has many close guy friends that you always get jealous of. Perhaps it is familiar how you would argue over the amount of time she spends with her male friends, or how intimate their friendship is. Sometimes people actually think she and her guy friend are a couple because of their displayed level of intimacy. While there is nothing really wrong with our significant others having close friendship, perhaps there should be a line somewhere. We know that a lot of romantic relationships started out as platonic friendships and eventually grew. Who knows if your girl and her guy pal are just a few wine glasses and tequila shots away from realizing they actually truly love each other? The only solution to this perhaps is to befriend her friends too, be her utmost confidante and bestfriend too so all of you can hang out together and you won’t have to get jealous anymore.

4. The Attention Seeker

Source: DailyMail

You have to text her a few times a day and it should always have I Love Yous, you have to constantly validate you love her and that she is amazing and beautiful and so forth and so on. But what if you have work to do or just want some time alone for a bit? The risk of dating attention seekers is that if they are not satisfied enough with the attention you are giving them, they could crave validation from someone else, and they can easily cheat with any man who fawns over her or shower her with attention.

5. The Party Girl


Chances are the two of you actually met a party, she is the center of the crowd, the life of the party so to speak. You may have hit it off pretty well and became a couple. But if you can’t keep up with her partying lifestyle and she refuses to tone down too, then chances are she will just ditch you for her parties. She lives off of the energy, music, booze and people. And much like the story of how you two met, she can very much hook up with the next guy she meets at a party when she’s had one too many alcoholic drinks…

6. The One Who Needs a Rehab

There are many vices one can get addicted to, be it alcohol drugs or even sex, a girl who has any of those addictions is likely to cheat. First off with substance abuse, it alters a person’s behavior and their judgment, taking in more risky behavior. Women who are addicted to sex or are called nymphomaniacs also can’t seem to get enough of it, and might start looking for other partners on the side if they can’t be satisfied. Some would think, who would actually seriously date a girl who is an addict right? But well some people just do… and maybe that’s their way of life. It just seems like a chaotic relationship to be in.

Well these are just some of the general stereotypes of women who are likely to cheat. Do you agree or disagree? Have some stories or reactions? Hit us up in the comments!

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