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50 Parents with a Savage Sense of Humor

Not a single dad joke in sight.


When people become parents, they often become obsessively devoted to being the best parent they can be. But there are some parents who, while still being top-notch parents, end up using their newfound skills to become some of the funniest people around.

1. The confused mom who ordered the wrong mixer online

2. The parents who painted their house while making it abundantly clear who their favorite kid is

3. The mom whose pun game is on point

4. This mom’s savage sense of humor

5. This mom who wants her kids to know that she just wants relief from her cough

6. These parents who love sending their son hilarious postcards while at camp

Source: cookingcorps
7. This inspirational note from mom

8. These parents who know how to make fun of themselves

9. This mom who demonstrates tough love

10. These parents who are sick of cleaning up questionable socks

11. This mom who has set her kid up for great things

Source: wanderulst
12. This dad who’s instilling a love of sci-fi into his kids

13. This mom who won’t let her kid skip out on chores

Source: thedeal_5
14. The parents who gave their kid an apple watch

15. This absolutely savage mom’s critique on her kid’s dating life

Source: kevinillest
16. The parent who just wants a little less sugar in their kid’s diet

17. The mom who didn’t want the doorbell to wake her baby

18. The dad who’s not above dropping his kid off to school in full War Boy costume

Source: happidonut
19. It’s not a dad joke if mom tells it, right?

20. The dad who knows all too well where his son gets his hair

Source: rsgranne
21. These parents who could be models

22. The mom who gave her son a cup to drink alcohol out of in college

23. The dad who gleefully insists on using a selfie stick in public

24. The mom who wasn’t above expressing what she thought of how her daughter wears her gift

25. The dad who’s working that Pikachu onesie

26. The mom who dropped this Frozen knock-knock joke

27. This dad expressing awe at the miracle of birth

Source: millie_kay
28. These parents who wanted to show their joy at having a daughter

29. The dad who took the effort to formally reject his son’s loan of $20

30. The mom with a future in car sales

31. The dad who’s having fun with this bag of chips

Source: nicolaxlily
32. This crude but admittedly funny card

33. Okay, so there’s ONE dad joke in here

34. This mom’s creative breast cancer funraiser idea

35. This nostalgic dad

Source: mangobomb91
36. This mom who took things to heart when her son jokingly said he wanted a urinal cake for his birthday

37. This dad who thinks his kid’s head looks like a fruit

38. The moms who decided to copy their sons

39. And the parents who copied their kid and his girlfriend

40. And who can forget the dad who went viral for copying his daughter

41. The mom who really went crazy for her daughter’s crazy hair day

42. The dad who just really wanted to be in his daughter’s prom photo

43. This genius mom who didn’t want tears when cutting onions, so she used swim goggles

44. The awesome parents who threw a The Office-themed birthday party for their kid

Source: mplicittrees
45. The parents who recreate movie scenes with their kids using stuff they have around the house

46. This mom who may or may not be aware of her balloon placement

47. This dad who’s showing his approval when his daughter posted a photo with her boyfriend

48. This mom who had to post her daughter’s food concern

Source: emilygraceb
49. This dad trying to prove how he and his son look so much alike

50. This mom-to-be who figured she’d ride on the fame of the giraffe giving birth…

… by re-enacting the video!

Source: edietrich1

So what’s the funniest thing your parents have ever done? Share them with us!


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