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He Thought He Was Alone At Home, But Then He Got Busted By His Roommate. This Is Hilarious!

This made me laugh so much! It was the morning after a big Halloween house party and this guy woke up to find his roommate doing this!

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What A Mom Saw On Her Daughter’s Facebook Page Made Her Break Down In Tears.

A heart-wrenching reminder that everyone should watch.

The Benefits that can be gained from this video are so many that we had to share it with you guys. This is such a sad story but if we can learn from this girls tragic story it can help save many lives.

Notice how the story starts, talking about your typical teenage girl nowadays, a girl who was living for her friends, wanting to be a Model, partying, drinking, looking to fit in. This is something very common among the girls today but at the end did those so called friends really care about her at all?

Ask yourself do your friends really care about you do they have your best interests in mind? Do they bring you closer to your Maker? Or are they just using you for a good time?...

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Everyone Loves Her Songs, Except One Guy. But What She Did Will Make You Smile!

Sometimes you have to listen with your heart.

Laura works at the Kismet Diner. She dreams of being a singer, but for the moment she’s okay to wait tables. It helps that everyone at the diner loves her – her boss even brought in a karaoke machine so that Laura could perform especially for her doting customers…

One Saturday night, midway through an impromptu concert, she notices a customer she hasn’t seen before with a look of complete disinterest on his face. Laura wouldn’t usually mind, but with this guy, it’s as though she wasn’t even there. Who is he? And why can’t Laura stop looking at him?...

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This Homeless Man Was Given A Box Of Pizza. What He Did With It Made Me Cry.

Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them up.

These young men performed a social experiment to see if people would be willing to help someone who is hungry. They approached strangers on the street and asked for a slice of pizza but it didn't go so well.

When they finally found someone that said "yes" they were surprised at who it was!

Watch the Heart-Touching Video:


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