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30 Social Media Posts That Will Absolutely Mess With Your Mind





These days, social media is no longer exclusively used for communicating with friends and loved ones. It has also become an information highway where you can find interesting tidbits, both useful and useless.

There are some posts, however, that are borderline dumb and borderline genius. I mean, yeah sure, these “facts” may not be crucial to know but they boggle the mind nevertheless.

What do we mean by that? Well go check out the compilation below and see for yourself. You bet you’ll be mind-blown by many of these!

#1.The main reason behind.

#2. Now I’m never gonna stop thinking about cocoons.

Source: trustedwings
#3. This is pretty morbid.

Source: nicksun
#4. The true definition of toughness.

#5. Mystery solved at last.

#6. Balloons are weird indeed.

#7. Green ninjas work for shampoo ads.

Source: makingofs
#8. Seven different meanings.

#9. Suddenly, the Great Wall doesn’t seem so great anymore.

Source: wikipedia
#10. That was a hat!

Source: ohsheepdip
#11. The truth about names.

Source: nightblogs
#12. My entire life is a lie!

#13. This ruined my life.

#14. Dog and cat heads on the map!

Source: reddit
#15. I’ll never see Toy Story the same way again.

Source: sad-memes
#16. Totally hurts my brain.

Source: twitter
#17. This made me sad!

#18. The thing about birthdays…

#19. Barcode scanners actually do this?

Source: mikeykink
#20. The answers to your own questions.

#21. These cheaters!

Source: itstinatbh
#22. There’s really nothing there!

Source: reddit
#23. Pac-Man is always with you.

Source: boredpanda
#24. At least I can remember it better now.

Source: colliderblog
#25. There for a reason.

Source: lifehacks
#26. What now?!

Source: ogbeard
#27. The thing about lollipops.

Source: heart
#28. What is this for, then?

Source: tseladi
#29. I always thought it was bulldozers and stuff…

#30. Close your mouth and give it a try!

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