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30 Funny Nurse Memes

Many confirmed that #10 is true.






It doesn’t matter if you are full time, part time, a student, or even an instructor – nursing is definitely a tough job to fulfill. Nurses work crazy long hours with an unreal amount of responsibility and they sometimes don’t get all the credits that they deserve.

So how do nurses cope with all these? A supportive family, some good friends, and a little bit of a twisted sense of humor. It’s not easy being a nurse, nursing student, CNA. So to go through their tiring shift, they sometimes need a little laugh. Here are 30 funny nurse memes:

1. This one is not only for nurses.

2. Or just working one rough twelve-hour shift.

3. Every move you make… I’ll be watching you.

4. I always knew nurses drink blood!

5. Ain’t that the truth.

6. Let’s just leave it at that.

7. Last resort.

8. On a good day.

9. Nurses and teachers share the same problem, I see.

10. Be realistic.

11. No, you didn’t!

12. Your turn, pal.

13. And smiling. Oh, and not dirty. And also doesn’t look tired!

14. I was there, witch.

15. Take a guess.

16. During emergencies at music festivals…

17. In Tinsel Town, yes.

18. Everything is fine and dandy.

19. Uh oh, better follow the nurse’s orders.

20. Well, they better take the medication then.

21. Just in case you were wondering and may not already be aware: both medications contain Paracetamol.

22. Then why are you here?

23. Sleep all day… nurse all night.

24. Oh, I can.

25. I dare you.

26. Nothing to see here, folks.

27. That must be the most rewarding thing.

28. My work here is done.

29. The hospital is certainly not the place to be for both nurses an patients to rest.

30. Everything is on fire; you’ll get used to it, though.

If you’re a nurse, which one did you relate with the most? Let us know in the comments section below!

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