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3-Year-Old In Critical Condition After Popular Bath Foam Exploded During Bath Time





Most parents probably have this habit of checking the contents of the products they buy for their precious children. From food products like cereals and milk to cosmetic products like soaps and shampoos, parents are being extra cautious to pick up the safest items from the grocery shelves. But no matter how much parents try to protect their kids from harm, accidents still happen and it is pretty unfortunate when they come in some serious degree.

A three-year-old boy from Londonderry, Northern Ireland was taken to the hospital after a shocking accident involving his bath foam. He acquired serious burns outside and inside of his body after using the popular novelty children’s bath foam inspired by a Nickelodeon cartoon show titled “Paw Patrol.”

A young child has been rushed to the hospital after his bath foam exploded.

Reports reveal that the child was taking his usual daily bath when the moldable foam soap, “Nickelodeon Paw Patrol,” suddenly exploded. The young boy was rushed to the Belfast Royal Hospital for treatment. A spokesperson of the medical facility updated that the boy remains to be in a critical condition but is continuously observed in the children’s intensive care unit.

Experts have not yet revealed how this bath foam exploded.

Following the incident, the three-year-old toddler‘s distraught aunt shared about the trauma caused by the incident in a Facebook post and warned other parents about the bath foam brand. She wrote:

“Our nephew was in the bath tonight with this Paw Patrol Foam Soap and it exploded,” wrote the boy’s aunt, “He’s been rushed to the hospital and has to go to the Royal. Please please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, he’s only three.”

The company producing the bath foam is already trying to keep the product off the shelves until they find out what caused the explosion.

Source: twitter

Parents are being encouraged to boycott the soap brand as it has not yet been permanently recalled and are still available to buy from stores. The Nickelodeon company is now investigating the case, promising:

“We are terribly sorry to hear about this dreadful incident and we are gathering more information about the licensed product involved.”

KOKOMO, the company responsible for the production of the exploding bath foam also already released a public statement regarding the incident saying:

“Our thoughts are with this little boy and his family. As a precautionary measure, we have suggested to our retailers they withdraw this product from sale while we co-operate with the Trading Standards investigation.”

Watch about the horrifying incident below:

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