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26 Amazing Things That Happen All Around the World in One Day

These are the fascinating stuff that happen all across the globe every 24 hours.


Can you tell how many tasks you’ve accomplished in a day? Before you go to sleep, as you lie on your bed and think about what you have done earlier, do you think ‘jam-packed’ or ‘light as gas molecules’? Twenty-four hours is such a short period of time to think about postponing what we want to do with our lives. Although we have that old adage which states “Tomorrow is another day,” we can never tell.

Do you know that while you spend your hours sleeping, working, or eating, there are many other things happening in the world simultaneously? It is amusing to think what our daily routine is worth in the grand scheme of things. Let us present to you what happens within 24 hours all around the world and beyond.

  1. There are 365,000 babies born on Earth.
  2. 8.6 million lightning strikes will occur.
  3. Two living things will get their supply of oxygen throughout the day from one tree.
  4. About 142,000 new cars will be released. In case one would line them all up in one straight line, it would occupy a total of 512 kilometers or would look like a long parking lot stretching from Berlin to Stuttgart.
  5. Approximately 18 million people will have their birthdays.
  6. birthday-cake

    Photo credit: Will Clayton
  1. In China, 510 tons of rice will be harvested.
  2. 190 million eggs will be produced by all of the world’s chickens.
  3. People will flush the toilet 22 billion times, which will utilize water enough to supply the bathing needs of 50 percent of the world’s population.
  4. 67,000 trees will have to be cut down today, of which 46,000 will be turned to paper bags and 27,000 to toilet paper.
  5. Each person on Earth will laugh for 15 times today on the average.
  6. laughing-people

    Photo credit: Marc Kjerland
  1. Each person’s heart will beat 104,000 times, more or less.
  2. Each person will earn about $16 today, on the average.
  3. The International Space Station (ISS) will hear about 100 sneezes from astronauts today as dust in the research lab floats with the air due to zero-gravity.
  4. Each adult person on the planet will inhale approximately 23,000 times.
  5. Each person on Earth will take around 8,000 steps, on the average.
  6. foot-steps

    Photo credit: Petras Gagilas
  1. In London alone, about 93,000 rats will be born.
  2. Around 150-200 animal and plant species on Earth will be placed under the “extinct” list as ecological damage continues.
  3. About 1,000 insects will fall prey to one bat.
  4. Around 7 earthquakes and 18,000 storms will take place all around the planet.
  5. On the average, each person will shower for 12 minutes.
  6. Cigarette stores will sell about 15 million packs all over the world.
  7. cigarette

    Photo credit: Morgan/Flickr
  1. Human body cells will expire and reproduce about 50 trillion cells.
  2. Each person in the world will spend about 20 minutes in the toilet, on the average.
  3. Each person will lose about 40-100 strands of hair while each of the remaining strand will grow 0.35 millimeters on the average.
  4. Each person on Earth will say about 48,000 words today.
  5. A mayfly will hatch and die at the end of the day.

Isn’t it amazing how so many things can happen in just one day? Maybe it’s time for us to think about how much we’ve been doing in our time and pursue what we’ve been dying to start. If bats can eat 1,000 insects in a day, what is holding you from starting that blog, booking that trip, or eating at that new restaurant nearby? Go and use time wisely; it is as precious as gold and like all other resources, it runs out.


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