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25 Times Hens Proved They’re The Best Moms In The World





No matter how tough life can be, mothers always find a way to look after their children. They are simply awesome. In fact, calling them such is an understatement. They are just one of the greatest gifts in this world.

But hey, when talking about moms, it is a crime not to include the animal kingdom. And do you know which the best one in their hierarchy is? Hens, that is.

Believe it or not, they actually adopt chick even if it is not theirs. Go ask a farmer or something and they will tell you how true it is. Think of it as, well, motherly instincts, so to speak. However, there are times that hens tend to go beyond the call of motherhood as they adopt other animals.

Well, if you are not convinced, why not take a look at the photos below? Enjoy!

#1. Because she felt the need to comfort the little felines.

#2. Yup, that is a puppy right there.

#3. And those are kittens.

#4. Ah, are they not lovely to look at?

#5. This gives a whole new meaning to The Ugly Duckling.

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