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25 Post-Apocalyptic Hacks You Will Need to Survive

These hacks will help you survive in the wasteland of a post-apocalyptic world — or just if you get stuck in the wild.

Whether you’re walking down the street, reading a newspaper, or goggling at the latest The Walking Dead episode, you’ll see and hear people talking about the day of reckoning.

Are we really in the end times?

Regardless if the apocalypse starts through zombie invasion, war, or natural calamities, the more important question is…ARE YOU READY? Do you have what it takes to survive?

You might want to stock duct tapes, keep old batteries, and study these simple post-apocalyptic survival hacks, which may help extend your life as you repent and get ready for the judgement day.

#1. Crayon candles


Photo credit: the art junction

Electricity is probably one of the first things that will be cut off when the world turns upside down. If you happen to have some crayons, light them up. Each one can provide you temporary light for at least 30 minutes.

#2. Create fire using a 9-volt battery and a steel wool


Photo credit: creating wonder

It could turn very cold and dark soon. Create fire using these items by simply doing this:

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#3. Learn how to kindle a fire using Doritos


Photo credit: reddit/ fishcherkidd

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Apparently, Doritos are excellent fire starters. Just save a few chips, light one up; place other flammable stuff over it, and you’ll have a nice fire in no time.

#4. Vaseline and dryer lint


Photo credit: imgur

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If you’re too hungry to spare some Doritos, some Vaseline and a dryer lint would do.

#5. Electricity from lemon, a penny, and a dime


Photo credit: instructables

What couldn’t a lemon do? Aside from the myriads of health and beauty benefits this wonderful fruit provides, it can generate electricity as well. Do you find this hard to believe? Cut two slits in a lemon and place the dime and the penny in them. The electricity may not be enough to light up the entire village so, don’t get your hopes too far up.

#6. Collect clean water in a plastic sheet


Photo credit: survivaltek

Water is essential, but it may be scarce when that time comes. Collect drinking water by placing a sheet of plastic on grass. Wait until condensation occurs and just carefully pour the water in your cup or bottle.

#7. Use floss to catch fish


We know that oral hygiene is important; however, so is food.

#8. Baking soda


Photo credit: diy natural

Yes, you’ve used your floss to catch fish, but you can still maintain good oral hygiene. Try using baking soda as toothpaste. That is if you still care to have fresh breath and white teeth when you scream for help.

#9. Cook food using a small burner


Photo credit: instructables

If all you have left are some rubbing alcohol and an empty can of soda, try this makeshift burner to cook food. Just cut the top and the bottom end of the can, poke small holes around it, pour some alcohol inside, and light the alcohol.

#10. Mini stove


Photo credit:

Of course, you can have a larger version of the stove above, but you don’t need alcohol for this one.

#11. Duct tape


Photo credit:

Nobody will expect you to grab a can opener as you run for your life. But you’d probably wish you had when you find a can or a jar of food and you can’t open them. If you have duct tape, though, you’re saved!

#12. Use duct tape to protect your feet from blisters


Photo credit: backpacker

You can’t run fast from walkers or mutants if you have blisters on your feet.

#13. Use it as a splint


Photo credit: instructables

Using toilet paper, make sure to wrap the affected area firmly then wind some duct tape to make sure it stays in place.

#14. An empty can of soda to jimmy open a lock


Photo credit: its tactical

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Now, this should only be done if you’re locked out or if you want to help a friend escape.

#15. First aid for bug bites and itchiness


Photo credit: wikihow

Salt water can do the trick.

#16. Make use of leaves


Photo credit: willow haven outdoor


When you’re out into the woods and you’re running out of materials, you can utilize leaves for just about anything. You can use it as a rope, bandage, or insulation.

#17. Face mask


Photo credit: outside online

Protect yourself from toxic air using the cup of a bra. You can cut the straps or remodel them so you won’t look like a perv…you know?

#18. Protect yourself from frost bite


Photo credit: instructables

Put some baby oil on your face and body to get that extra protection against the freezing weather.

#19. Walking sticks


Photo credit: dansdepot

Walking sticks will help you as you travel through wastelands. Or you can use it ala-Morgan against predators—whether it be animals or mutants.

#20. Create a makeshift gun


Photo credit: reddit

With the help of an empty spray canister, some toothpicks, or some darts, you can create a makeshift gun like this. However, aim only at hostiles.

#21. Need directions? Use your watch


Photo credit: wikipedia

Most likely, there will be no other important time in a day you’d need to know aside from day and night. Use your watch as a compass instead.

#22. Use your hands to tell the how much daylight you have left


Well, if you do need to know how long you have left before darkness sets in; you can use your hands. It may not be that accurate, but at least it’ll give you an idea.

#23. Get a tarp and some branches to make a raft


Photo credit: how to survive it

If you need to head to the waters because things are getting too dangerous on land, make yourself a raft using a tarp and some tree branches.

#24. Altoids tin cans


Plastic bags tear and fabrics get wet. If you need to protect your valuables, store them in tin cans.

#25. Turn an old bike into a bow


Photo credit: free republic

Okay, so you don’t have Daryl Dixon’s weapon (or him around to make you feel safe) But, if you have an old bike, a rubber hose, and some other thingamabob, these could help you protect yourself, your loved ones, and your turf.


Photo credit: instructables

Did you find any of these tips useful? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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