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25 Creepy and Intriguing Facts About Halloween

These facts answer some of our basic queries about Halloween.

Ann Moises





It’s Halloween season again! It’s time for trick-or-treats, costume parties, and parades. Friends will probably tell stories about ghosts, werewolves, witches, and vampires—all for a good scare. People will decorate their houses with fake cobwebs, owls, and pumpkins. Those who want to take it to the extreme would probably place some hair-raising mannequins on their lawns.

Yes, it will be spooky, but it will be fun.

Some people just love this occasion. But, do you know where Halloween originated and why they associate bats, owls, and black cats with it?

Here are 25 creepy and interesting facts about Halloween that you should know:

#1. Apparently, Halloween originated in Ireland


Photo credit: Alisa S
#2. Halloween was once a day of romance


Photo credit: Amelia Burns

In Ireland, people use this occasion to play fortune-telling games and predict their true love.

#3. Trick-or-treat!


Photo credit: Lifebuzz

Trick-or-treating was a Celtic tradition. They place treats and food outside their houses to call upon the spirits.

#4. Jack-o-lanterns


Photo credit: Wendy

An Irish legend tells of a man named Jack who tricked the devil. As punishment for what he did, the devil forbade Jack to enter neither heaven nor hell. Cursed to wander the Earth for eternity, he waves his lantern to lead people away from their paths; hence, the Jack-o-lanterns.

#5. Pomona


Photo credit: Lifebuzz

It is believed that some parts of Halloween were influenced by Pomona— an ancient Roman festival that honors an Italian harvest goddess.

#6. Witches


Photo credit: Julie

Witches were once highly respected members of a community who practiced Wicca. The term “witch” was derived from “wicce”, an Old English word which means “wise woman”.

#7. If you want to see a witch…


Photo credit: timeinabox

According to an old folk tradition, if you want to see a witch on Halloween, wear your clothes inside out, and then walk backward. You’ll see one come midnight.

#8. Owls


Photo credit: John Coulter

In Medieval Europe, they believed owls were witches. People then claim that when an owl calls, someone will die.

#9. Black cats, spiders, and bats


Photo credit: Mary

Some pets and animals had been associated with witchcraft back in medieval times. Hence, they became Halloween symbols too.

#10. Not this time…


Photo credit: Ezio Melotti

To spare black cats from possible abuse or worse, death, some animal shelters don’t allow adoption around Halloween.

#11. Harry Houdini


Photo credit: Lifebuzz

The most famous magician in history died on All Hallows Eve of 1926. He died from appendicitis due to three stomach punches.

#12. In 1927…


Photo credit: Katy

The first known mention of the term trick-or-treating was found written in a newspaper somewhere in Alberta, Canada.

#13. 30,128 jack-o-lanterns illuminating the dark night


Photo credit: Laura Bittner

Don’t you think it’s beautiful? Well, Boston holds the record for lighting the most number of jack-o-lanterns simultaneously.

#14. The largest pumpkin


Photo credit: imipolexg

Norm Craven was able to grow a pumpkin that weighs 836 pounds. It broke the world record in 1993.

#15. The biggest Halloween parade is in New York City


Photo credit: Rob Fay

At least 5,000 people participate in the Village Halloween Parade, and more than two million people gather to witness the celebration.

#16. “Cabbage Night”


Photo credit: Buffalo Fawn

In America, Halloween was formerly known as “Cabbage Night.”

#17. Jack-o-lanterns were originally made from turnips


Photo credit: Jonathan Morris
#18. Halloween can be costly


Photo credit: Jenn

Approximately $6 billion are spent on Halloween yearly for costumes, decors, and candies alone.

#19. A plea for DST


Photo credit: Mandy Lackey

Allegedly, candy manufacturers lobbied to extend daylight savings time (DST) until the beginning of November so children can have an hour of daylight more to collect candies.

#20. You can’t dress up as a priest for Halloween in Alabama


Photo credit: artistabella

You might be arrested because it’s illegal.

#21. Silly String is prohibited in Hollywood


Photo credit: David Mello

You’ll have to pay a fine of $1,000 if the police catch you buying or selling them.

#22. Notice the resemblance?


Photo credit: Nathan Rupert

Michael Myers’ mask from the movie Halloween was purchased from a local shop. It was an already-made mask of William Shatner. The film crew only made modifications.

#23. Self-proclaimed “Halloween capitals of the world”


Photo credit: antydiluvian

Massachusetts, Salem, and Anoka, Minnesota claim that they are the “Halloween capitals of the world.”

#24. Do you have Samhainophobia?


Photo credit: azmuskoka

Apparently, it’s the morbid fear of Halloween.

#25. Full moons don’t usually occur during Halloween


Photo credit: Michael Morse

But, astronomers say it might happen on October 31, 2020.

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