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22 DIY Toy Organizer Hacks That Will Make Every Parent’s Life a Lot Easier

Get those hammers and get ready to organize those kids’ toy!


Have you ever tried stepping to a LEGO of your child? I can feel your pain. Scattered small toys from a child’s play are very inevitable and it is, too, very unlikely that you won’t step on them.

Of course, you can’t get mad with your child as he or she is only playing and enjoying their toys. But, what if their little toys are still spread out in every single corner of your house even when they are already done playing?

That’ll cause more headache than stepping on a LEGO, right? So, check out these 22 simple toy organizer hacks that will help you arrange your children’s playthings and other stuff.

1. Card Game Organizers


According to Sandra, the owner of Jazzie and Tahlia website, she just simply glued the game’s label on the containers from Ikea to easily define where their cards are.

2. This neat storage is complete, from pencil containers to toy drawers and magazine racks.


3. This DIY display shelf gives an instant “collector” feeling to the owner.


4. This magnetic knife holder can work wonders for you and your child’s toys.


Source: Style Files
5. Who thinks that a shoe organizer can also be a barbie compartment?


6. These flower baskets can be put in a good use by turning it over and sticking it to the wall.


7. Your old can, too, can be recycled to be little toys’ case by putting some label.


8. This project turned out to be very useful to keep your kids’ small cars in place.


9. With the use of a lot of clear containers, your child can easily see which he wants to use.


Just advice him to put it back properly after.

10. This Modular Cube Table can work as a storage and coffee table.


Source: Lowes
11. Your unused tissue box can also be recycled and used as a little storage.


12. Have an unused board game? Why not frame it and be your cool wall art.


13. These hanging storage can also give a lot of free space aside from storing your kid’s toys.


Source: Land of Nod
14. This organized LEGO storage is made up of bins and a lot of bins to build.


15. Why not try to create your own little hammock for your child’s stuffed toys?


16. These pencil cases can also work as your child’s colorful puzzle storage.


17. Your old buckets, too, can be reused to be a new magazine or coloring book holder.


18. Did you know that spice racks can also be your kid’s little book holder? Yes!


19. Although it looks simple, this ball holder can save up a lot of space


20. Make your storage making more creative by creating a DIY hanging toy holder.


21. Convert your old wagon into a very useful and unique bookshelf.


22. Your unused popsicle molds, too, can be transformed into a simple craft holder.


Time to get those hands and feet working and create these DIY projects.

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